Gauntlet has become a pain man

My best team is 94k and in sector 5 after 2 missions 3 gone
Now I have to face 96k team in 3rd mission and the best team left after all the gauntlet missions is 70k
How am I supposed to defeat a team 96k strong with all 10* heroes with a marginal 70k ??
Btw I am in challenger bracket and should not team I face in 5th sector be 80k range ???

You just got to keep powering up, get more 10* and more bars on those toons. You want to have a full team of 5 10* with bars to finish sector 5.
Also think strategically I can do my sector 5 using a team is Ryker, saph, keel, mandrake and flatline. They are 7* and beats teams 20k more power at 97k.
You want to start powering up support heros, bucket, keel, caine, heim butters, kobold etc

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Echoing Peter here, definitely focus on upgrading your healers more than anything.

I try to have 1-2 healers, 2-3 DPS, and a “damage sponge”, someone that can take a lot of damage but isn’t great otherwise (Cast, Richter, Yanlong, Steele, Vanguard, Razorback, Savage…). Past Sector 1, have your heroes at least plat and 7-stars.

You need 5x5 = 25 Heros ( I count 30 Heros) from the beginning of your roster and start from your 30th hero. Right now I have the guantlet completed and use my quick win tickets daily. But it was a pain to get there.

It just takes time finding the right teams. I wrote it down. I am in challenger bracket and beat sector 5 with a 60k team and always do sector 6 with 71k. I’m using 6 star hero’s way in the red underpowered. You’ll memorize the enemies eventually. I still have to try a few times every day to win but it’s fun once you figure out team synergy.

Team synergy always beat team power.


If you have to, you could try burning more than just 5 heroes per sector to save your best teams for later. You can attempt it multiple times and aim to just kill 1 or 2 of their healers or tanks, enemy health persists between attempts.

Choosing different guys based on the enemy team comp is pretty standard stuff. If theyres 3 mech dps, bring like a biochem tank and 2 bio dps. Im in champion, and my top team is only 76k. From my experience it’s certainly possible to win with like a 20-30k deficit.

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You have way too many 10* heroes man
I only have 2 10* heroes 3 9 * heroes
I don’t think I can do what you can

Just kepe your grind going, you may need to settle that you won’t be able to do sector 5 every day, I know I can only do up to sector 4 most days on an account that is 250k. Some days you may find sector 5 easy, it depends on what enemies are in the sector. If you are facing a team with phalanx or min it may be a struggle if you don’t have the DPS or power to overcome them.

Gauntlet now is about being smart with how you play the early sectors. Try to save as many healers as you can for the higher level sectors. Don’t be afraid to burn through your lower level heroes in the early sectors. Taking a lost is not always a bad thing. As long as you weakened the enemy team to make it easier the next run. Try to save your best DPS for the last two sectors. It’s all about planning ahead.

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It would be good if we knew how the power requirements for each sector are calculated and scaled.

So far we only know that:

  • Sector 1 is 50% of your top 25 heroes combined power
  • Sector 7 is 125% of your top 5 heroes combined power

It seems like Sector 5 is 100% of your top 5 heroes combined power, and Sector 4 is 75% of your top 10.

But I am just guessing.

Has anyone figured it out?


I’m at 800K team power, majority of my hero’s are between 7-9*, and only one 10* hero, I guess I have a very balanced account and yet I get 3-8K disadvantage in sector 5 missions (guess it should be like that.)
I don’t see a problem with gauntlet being hard, even tho I still auto play all sector’s from 1 to 5, you just have to be smart in choosing your hero’s for early sector’s.
Only problem with gauntlet is the rewards, your getting same or nearly similar rewards for harder missions, at the moment I get 673K Buck’s for completing all sector’s, when I was in lower bracket I was getting 633K.

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I am in challenger bracket as well and my sector 5 team is about 69k power. My opponents in gauntlet are usually away over my head. I go through gauntlet with 2 healers and 1 shielded every sector then the other 2 are heroes that I can play around with and test out. First sector I use gold heroes, second sector I use plat 5* heroes, third I use plat+1 6* etc…I got a system going with how I level my guys and of course I level up my healing/shielding skills.

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