Best strategy for PvP

Can you tell me, what is the best strategy for PvP? Which type of heros do you use?

Running around with Mandrake as fast as you can untill you can use his silver Skill. Acitvate it and run around even faster. If you dont winn you atleast get a draw.

Since they refuse to change this most abused skill of the game, its the best thing you can do.

lol at the guy above

My advice as someone who usually gets to rank 15-100 in champion league: Get dogface from gauntlet to 10 stars (vip 10 helps alot), get him plat and learn how to play him (second skill 19 shots first, then first skill for another 20) and never auto. Get mandrake and gammond evenly from pvp store and plat mandrake and get gammond to gold 4. The last two spots are heimlock (great health bonus and cleanser) and razorback (great tank), also both gold 4, but you have to buy a couple crates to unlock them. Switch one of the last two guys with event hero if you are confident in pvp. Also once you feel like you get enough wins you can start reviving in tournaments. I always use all revives and get 10million points per day. You get more gold back from pvp crates usually. If you have any more questions, hit me up

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A well balanced team is what is needed.

Combine that with Hero’s that synergise well, your all good 8)

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Thanx a lot Ajin. Currently I have level 46 team with max 5 stars, and happy to get silver skills. But anyhow, it’s matter of time only having gold skills. :slight_smile: At that level, Mandrake seems to be a suxx. Maybe he will be better with his gold skills as you wrote.

My problem is, that when I find a balanced team, next day because of leveling some members up, they become unbalanced. :frowning: So I have to keep changing heros during PVP.

I am trying to use as many healers as I can, but it does not work.

The most point I get with the lowest level heros with bronze level only at the moment.
Whenever I change them to my strongest team, the opponent team will be much harder (level 55-60). :frowning:

I could give some advises, but as I belong to noobs that only know “how to be top of the leaderboard”, so I don’t know should I… :slight_smile:
Anyway you should tell your power, because each amount of power require different way to play.

Totally agree with ajin. Dogface mandrake gammond heimlock +1 has been the meta since I started playing in January. +1 can be the PvP event hero, or popular choices are razorback, phalanx or even moss for that annoying massive heal when left unchecked.

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Okay so I’m correctly assuming that(thankfully) there are no shots wasted when using bronze with Dogface when silver has 1 bullet left in the mag?

Does the stack also happen when doing it the other way around? - Please just assume that my brain doesn’t always function when reading that… I honestly have no explanation for how I miss the silver cd when it’s done.

WOrks both ways, but since the silver only has 6 bullets, its more effective to use the bronze first, because you get the full 20 bullets back, when activating the silver afterwards.

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Ive been playing this game since february and i have spent a lot of time on pvp. I gave advice ingame to other players and alliances how to play pvp well. Im on mobile so i cant type long replies. Hit me up ingame and i can look at your team and help you with a strategy for your current roster of heroes. My ingame name is the same as here.

First 19 shots of Fire at Will (silver) , then when there’s one shot left use Heavy Cal (bronze) for another 20 shots

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I can’t find you in game as Bruticus_One :frowning:

Do you count everytime…? :roll_eyes:

Ups, confused silver and bronze Skill.

You dont have to count, the left bullets are shown. And its better to shoot a bullet or two less and get 20 new afterards, then shooting one to much and getting only six new and no double Skill.

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haha yeah I second that I mostly stop at two bullets left, just in case, happenend to me often that the game registered an additional bullet being shot. also make sure that 95% of your hits count so don’t spam and miss like 1/3 of your shots

It doesnt count an extra bullet, but is often lagging as hell while using Dogfaces fast shooting, so the bullets are often countet later than they were shot.

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Yea I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing lag via Dogface freakout sessions. I actually noticed last night that I get so tensed up I only focus on the mag part of the UI once the bullet bar gets low.

Do you guys perhaps face the same issue with lag specifically when Heimlock cleanses? I’m pretty sure there was were gfx settings(and by extension ram usage) around the first month I played. Am I imagining that?

Yes. Dogface also lags with that skill something. Especially when there are a lot of gold/plat firing off at the same time. @ajin. Its Bruticus One.( Without the _ )

I dont have Helmhock, so no problem here with his skill :wink:

But I think its because the ram ist to small, had the same problems with to many skills flying around (Halos plat etc.)


You necrod a post and added such an unclear question for help and added a email account, I would remove it tbh

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