Hard Mode district 5 level 10

So my top five team power is around 23,000 and the recommended power for hard district five level 10 is 20,000. I still can’t beat that level! I am 3,000 above the recommended power and I can’t beat it! On normal mode I am halfway through district 9 and I’m not even on district six on hard mode! There is something that needs to be done because that isn’t right! I have been trying to beat that level for over a month now and I am still stuck on it! I should be able to beat it but I can’t. There needs to be a change in this level! And don’t make a response like “switch up your team” I completely replaced all of my top five heroes and upgraded some new ones and they can’t beat it either. Then I replaced those ones with other ones and they can’t beat it. If I have been trying to beat it for so long that I have gone through 3 completely different top five teams, then the level shouldn’t be the way it is.

What matters more is your team comp (District 7 is the only exception), not your power. Lack of DPS or support may be your downfall and watch out for Elemental bonuses. Good team comp will trump power most of the time.

May I please have your username so I can take a look?

It’s Shrill Howler. I have plans to change my team comp soon.

-Ben Couvillon

Alright… I got an okay grasp on your heroes. Why are you losing? Time limit? Or are all your hereos dying. I feel like time limit would be the case because of the abundance of support.

This is true. Somehow I have completed 10-10 hard with a team 12k below the recommended power, without casualties

It’s the time limit

-Ben Couvillon

From what im seeing, take at least your Ghoul and Salvador. Then Matador, Ryker and Phalanx. Ghoul and Sal will be dealing mostly against the mechs. Matador will provide healing for the team while Phalanx will provide shields at the start (maybe a while for the heroes) and Ryker for some of the damage against the other blues.

make sure to have their skills leveled up.

Im iffy on that Ghoul though. now that i think about it. he is under ranked for being gold at that level.

I have not upgraded Ghoul much so I will work on that and try it out

-Ben Couvillon

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