Quick Win Option for Gauntlet Mode

Please add the option to Quick Win all Stages of Gauntlet Mode, would be really helpful.


I agree… The 3x speed was a nice feature but I’m still finding it hard to go into Gauntlet some days and wanting to complete it other than I have too Lol

I think you should be able to quick win Gorgon Wakes as well. It’s getting kinda repetitive, and you’re not really getting as many grenades as you should be for the effort required

An alternative would be to reduce GW to a single run with the current rewards of 3 runs combined.

As for the quick win on gauntlents. This has been requested numerous times and it seems the x3 on auto was as far as they wanted to take it.

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It would be nice if both players have the 3x button selected then the 3x speed boost would activate.

I’d rather see a fast forward when using the autoplay than a quick win. I feel like I’d need to be present for a guaranteed win. Cause you never know of an unexpected hero death or stuff you want to avoid to make it to the end of the section

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I suggested that awhile back and think it needs to be done. No reason we need to play Gorgon Wakes 6x a day when its been in the rotation for several months now.

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