Gauntlet Updates Incoming!

@BigWhite, Gauntlet will function as it does now. Low and High VIP players will be able to compete at the exact same level as before.

Previously, Gauntlet offered you one “reset” per day. And you choose when you could use it. This meant if you only completed part of a Gauntlet one day you could finish it on another and then reset. Being able to carry over progress is the main change here. But the amount of Gauntlet a player could do in 48 hours (for example) should work out to be the same, assuming regular play.

To help us improve our future messaging and clear up anyone else’s misunderstanding (including our own), can you explain what part of the message lead you to believe we were taking something away?

@Deathleech. The new Sectors are entirely optional. The 5 sectors everyone has access to will pay out bucks as they did before. Again, we’re not taking away anything from Gauntlet. These new sectors do cost Gold. It will be a small amount and it creates a Risk/Reward for players willing to risk a bit of gold for more Bucks. We’ve tried to do our best that the extra Gauntlet sectors, when completed, are worth the Gold. There is no “cash-grab” here. But it’s possible I’ve missed something and we can correct it before we release the feature, what part of the extra sectors do you see is unfair?

I should also add that we have the ability to give out Gauntlet Tokens from other events, so Gold will not be the only means to get them.

Previously players could only do 2 runs per day, if they were VIP 10. The change here is that we will no longer be punishing VIP 10 players by forcing them to spend more time fighting through Gauntlet for their added perk.