Gauntlet team saving

When I do my gauntlet and I reset, when we’re back to sector 1 we have the team we got previously in the last sector we did. Why not have the choice to save the team we used for each sector ? I have a lot of heroes and it’s frustrating to always pick a team for each level to do it everyday.


I like this idea! :metal:t2::heart_eyes:

I haven’t actually noticed that the Gauntlet teams are static on any of the 4 levels I’ve repeatedly enjoyed and considering this new info this will be quite cool to have.

I’d opt for toggling between saving the previous line-up or starting fresh.

At the moment there seems to be way more pressing work being planned and done and this suggestion, as far as I’m guessing, won’t be on the list for a while unless it was already thrown around during dev brainstorming(“nice-to-have” features can wait :stuck_out_tongue:).

Personally it’s going to be a real mission trying not to think of this and overreact while playing :sweat_smile:

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I like this idea too! Maybe it shouldn’t be a feature limited to just the gauntlet. Maybe have a team saving feature in general.

There would be a max of 6 teams or maybe even 26 (basing this on the NATO phonetic alphabet).
Team composition 1 could be named - Alpha Squad. The rest that follows would be Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot.

For aesthetic purposes, the squad name could even be included just below your name. My name would pop out on pvp for example as:

Echo Squad

Just a fun way of organizing teams. Not sure if the database could handle all these info though.

+1 for the pre-builds! :grin:

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