Request: Auto-save loadouts used for gauntlet tiers

For most (possibly all?) game modes, the loadout used is saved from one to the next. However, because gauntlet does not allow reuse of heroes, each tier is a blank slate (except tier 1 uses the loadout of tier 5 from the previous day). The issue here is that the heroes one faces up against, and the corresponding loadout you use for each tier, tends to be similar from one day to the next and you’d like to use the same loudout as the previous day but are met with a blank loadout instead.

The current workaround I (and possibly others) use is to screenshot the loadouts and swap inbetween apps to ensure I build the same teams each day. This seems quite clunky and it seems like a more frictionless solution would be to implement auto-saving for gauntlet at the tier level.


It was already suggestet

The Devs said they will pass this along

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I’m fine with the team not being saved. I use the Gauntlet to try out new teams, new combinations.

[date=2018-05-28 time=17:15 format=LLL timezones=“Europe/Paris|America/Los_Angeles”]I too would really like to see some kind of save team ability in the gauntlet

And that’s totally fine but not everyone feels that way and having gauntlet safe this way vs the current way wouldn’t actually impinge on that :slight_smile:

I agree, I would like to see an auto-saved team load out per sector!

Additionally…, rather than creating a new thread, I would like to suggest an idea here relating to Gauntlet:

Similar to the PvP crates, can the Gauntlet chests be tiered as well…?
For instance: Players with team level 1-13 get certain rewards, 14 - 41 get better rewards, 42-59 get better rewards, and 60-65 get even better rewards?

I think this would fix the issue of higher leveled players feeling like gauntlet is a waste of time…
Rather than by adding more sectors to give more rewards, just give the higher leveled players better rewards through tiered crates similar to PvP Crates.


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