Gauntlet, The Black hole

Ok, the noob has another question. Why iis there no exiting the Gauntlet? In order to exit, I have to quit the game. Honestly,what could be the logic idea behind this idea?


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Wait…so you want to quit a fight? The only way out is forward. Finish the fights and you are out. That’s how you “exit”


Seriously, I have never wanted to do a Gantlet fight. So, you know how this game is when trying to click on a button. It sometimes goes to another area. Same instance here, except it turns into a black hole that you can’t back out of. You have to restart the game to continue.Rather annoying.

What? I asked a question. The gif was unappreciated.

calm down…just messing with u lol

When the gauntlet screen is open you can press back at the top left…

If you’re talking about why do you have to quit the match when you have started it then you only need to look at every other game mode. You can’t just ‘leave’ a campaign mission, a coop raid, a solo raid, a pvp match. The only option is to quit what you started and go back to the main screen.

Uhhh,no sir. You’re reading too far into it. I said that iI was not trying to start a Gauntlet mission. I can press the button and it starts a dialog. Again, I am not trying to start a mission. here’s an example. Click the button, now try to back out. It can’t be done. Maybe if I continue past the dialog and start a mission, it might clear this up. All I am saying is that I don’t want to start a mission, but if I do start one by mistake, I should be able to back out. No, pictures are not needed for this question.

Sorry, I didn’t know it was a joke;-). It’ s cool, though.

Please do post pictures because at all times during gauntlet there is a big yellow ‘BACK’ button on the top left, please post a picture of the screen you can’t back out of.

Gale, thanks so much for being here. I appreciate your help. Once in Gauntlet, you can click that Back button until you’re blue in the face. Actually, none of the buttons work, unless you proceed the the Gauntlet match. Try is for yourself. If it does go back, that must mean that you actually completed a mission in that Mode. I, on the other hand, have not. That could be the problem and i am leaning towards that answer.

Either you got the absolute worst, buggiest version of the game, or there’s something you’re misunderstanding. A picture would really really really help here.

I do remember when you open Gauntlet for the first time, there’s a bit of dialogue talking about how the Gauntlet is this special dangerous area, blah blah blah, so it fits into the lore of the game. Maybe that’s it.

Maybe it was a joke, but you did say you were a noob. There are others who have played longer that can explain why certain things happen. I’ve played this game for 2.5 years. Let’s see a picture and see if I can’t explain it for you.


Guess he’s talking about the first time running gauntlet with the guide from the game, that guide forced you to complete the mission so next time you can quit or go back. Or it shows like please finish this mission first.


I would recommend finishing a gauntlet fight, even if you end up not doing well on it.

You are given the option to redo it without loosing any hero lives or their health.


Yeah you get to do the gauntlet every day

OK, so everyone is on the same page. Since I never had a match, it goes back to the beginning each time I click the button. Thanks to everyone for pitching for the noob. You guys are the best. I’d say I’d see you on the game, but you guys are probably waaaaaay ahead and would kick my ass. So instead, I look forward to speaking to all again. Again, thanks guys.

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You should try and do your gauntlet daily, don’t sit on it. It’s the best way to make bucks in game

Thanks Gale, will do.

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