Thoughts on Hero Hunters (my 1 year experience)

It’s almost 1 year (361 day’s) that I’m playing this game, I just wanted to talk about it a little bit:

  • PvP
    PvP is the best part in this game and I really liked it over this year, however; there is some problems with PvP, these problems makes PvP unenjoyable after long time of playing.
    Some of you may don’t play PvP a lot because of Matchmaking, Min/Maxers, Sandbaggers and OP hero’s, Yes these are the problems but why I don’t play it as I use to it’s because of connection issues:

    This is unacceptable and so frustrating, It happens so often lately and need to be fixed ASAP, Im pretty sure the problem it’s not from my network or my device cuz I play bunch of games that requires more connection speed without a problem.
    I don’t want to get into Matchmaking and Sandbagging discussion cuz it’s been discussed many many many times (didn’t get better and it’s so unfortunate) but I want to talk about Overpowered Hero’s: for example a hero like Kurtz is OP as hell, and him being so Rare it’s good and it’s bad, Good because not a lot people have him and 90% of player’s may not face him, Bad because when you face him your chance for beating him is so low, lower than beating any other team composition in this game.
    some may say you have him, you are using him to get into top 10 in brawl event’s, it look like you’re enjoy using him; Yes I enjoy it, I spent my gold save on him, but I spent my gold on Brogan crate too, I couldn’t get him but he wasn’t OP so no one get upset about it. if I didn’t had Kurtz I would be so mad when I face him and I know a lot of player’s have this feel specially competitive PvP player’s.
    And of course Ronin, I have to mention him in OP discussion cuz a lot of player’s abuse his platinum, worst abuse is pairing him with underleveled tanks, it’s frustrating.
    OP hero’s: not a good idea for this game, specially Rare ones.
    an Idea that makes sense for PvP, PvP matches should give XP, it’s not so hard to implement and it is necessary.

    • What I love about PvP?
      Problems being said, but PvP is still fun to play because of different viable teams that you can use, it’s challenging and the best part is the Rewards, I don’t know about you but I don’t put so much effort into PvP as I use to, and rewards for being in division 1 it’s amazing, how long it takes to get to division 1? Nothing, it’s like you’re getting these stuff’s for Free.
  • Campaign
    It was fun and still challenging, but I don’t really care about this part so much. We need it to get gears for hero’s and do daily quest’s, for me there is no other purpose of playing it.

  • Solo and Co-op Raids
    Solo raids are fine in my opinion, it doesn’t need to be changed but Co-op it’s so BORING, specially Gorgon Raid, I do it just for daily quest’s, even Helios, Dojo and City Hall is boring and I do it to get new hero, there is no fun in playing co-op raids, I think Gorgon need to be changed, not a little change, it has to be Big to make it fun. btw, connection issue that I mentioned before, yeah it also happens in Co-op raids. and I have to mention co-op rewards, 3-4 frags (new hero) for 85 raid? are you serious? What is next when level 100 raids come? 1-2 for 85 raid and nothing for lower levels? I mean c’mon now, no one can get new hero fast enough and I know low level player’s will not be able to get the new hero in 1 month, smh

  • Gauntlet
    Looking forward to see what this update brings
    Gauntlet Updates Incoming!
    I hope we get new maps, and most important thing is this:

  • Event’s
    Min Danger Simulator and Scavenger Hunt are my favorite events, Bounty is fine but it always bugged, from that connection issue to wrong element targets for new hero, but mainly the connection issue is most frustrating thing ever.

  • Hero’s
    Hero Designs: as a graphic designer I really appreciate the effort and creativity that developers are putting in this game, Hero designs in this game is one of the best and I love it, this is one of the reasons that I’m playing this game, when I saw this game ad in another game, first thing that caught my eye was hero designs; I said hmmm cool hero design, gameplay is different, I should give it a try, and here I am 1 year after. Clyde (Lone Outlaw Skin) is my favorite hero design, Keep up the good work and please don’t release a hero with terrible design like Bucket.

    General Talk on Hero’s:
    I don’t know which update it was but it messed up skills icons in PvP battle, for example I’m using: Phalanx/Dogface/Madrake/Flatline/Heimlock in PvP then in the middle of battle I see Negative effect from Nightingale Locked in on opponent hero, I’m not using her, where that icon came from? Or Kurtz gold it doesn’t show on opponent sometimes and instead of kurtz gold I see Panzer gold on opponent.
    Kurtz silver is still bugged and it doesn’t work properly most of time’s.

  • Developers
    There is not a lot of games with this kind of forum and specially friendly developers, they always been kind and I like it, I have to say THANK YOU, thank you for creating this game and monthly updates, I appreciate your hard work.

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Thanks for reading this post.


Can agree on a few things but def #LoneOutlawIsBAE


The 1 reason I’ve been playing this game for a year is the ability to play levels offline. The downside is the story levels are tough. And getting a 585 fragment character from a crate is near impossible. I have a collector mentality so I want to own all the characters. But I gave up on spending 300 gold on crates months ago.

Also the base heroes you’re given aren’t the best. The protagonist are some of the weakest heroes in the roster.

But it’s still a great game!


Thanks for this great feedback!

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I don’t believe any of your screen shots at all. Some, yes. But one 10 star and 102,000 heronium??? You honestly made me sign up for a username and login so please explain how that happens?



You do know u can farm Heronium with 0 10 stars right? You just need the amount of frags equivalent to reach 10 stars without having to actually upgrade it.

Otherwise, p2w easily covers that.


I did not know that…thanks for enlightening me. I stand corrected! LOL!

Lol :joy::joy:

What he is saying is true:

But the key for me is not to spend heronuim when it’s not necessary, it applies to all of my saves, from gold to Gauntlet gems and … Everything.

I get all my heronium just with Mauler, I think I spent like 40K to evolve some of my hero’s and 102K is what I have at the moment.

Don’t spend when it’s not necessary, that’s it.

That’s not a good strategy tbh. U need to spend heronium to get more heronium. I understand the mindset because i too save quick tix. But it’s nit beneficial for heronium, unless uve already maxed out on daily heronium farming with daily stamina, which is not possible with 1 10 star.

Heronium is dead with new PvP and Gauntlet store’s.

I can evolve 4 hero’s to 10*, but there is no point when you don’t have a source to get heronium from.
most of my hero’s are 7* and 8* so I don’t evolve them to 10* cuz I don’t want to play with unbalanced team’s. Besides that there is no viable source to get heronium from.

I always save my things until I see a good offer/hero, then I’ll work on them.