Gear event?

Is been ages since we had a gear event and it gives a bit more fun and will to actually do the gorgon wakes and not miss them. Please HH look into it. Thanks

It’s been overtaken by the Alliance Blitz event, where you do Co-Ops, Raids, PvP wins and spend energy on Campaign (farming gear there too).

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You can farm gears and they will sit on your account I get that. And the win alliance blitz event is been there. The alliance gear blitz event I am talking about it about finding gears or crafting them. Doing gorgon wakes which you get gears would make you contribute on the alliance gear event. I use to write on vip chat I’ll trade city hall coop for your 3 gorgon wakes coop. My hero was 10* so I was trying to get more points for my alliance on that blitz event. Makes you actually wanna do gorgon wakes once again when is on

Hope HH will add it once in a while. @LordNikon may be the man to look into it

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