Gorgon Wakes awards

With the new changes to the required gear needed to rank up heroes there may need to be changes. The rewards for for gorgon wakes as it stands don’t do much you only need about 15 of the silver grenades to get from gold to platinum. If you trade back and forth wins that’s easy to get in a day sometimes double. This raid used to be necessary for grinding gear to platinum now it’s not. Maybe HH could change the rewards to other gear such as gold stars or something like that. An even better idea could be to allow the players to choose their rewards. Sorry for the rant could’ve probably made it much shorter.


I have over 1k per each item in this raid, so I dont run it everyday. Hope HH could change the rewards

Also I’m in no way complaining about the update with the hero upgrading system. Since the update I’ve went from 4 platinum characters to 17 not all possible on the old system. Just wanna see Gorgon Wakes awards change. I’m sure if you asked around the community people aren’t really interested in doing the coop except to get the daily quest done for 3 wins.

Yeah give us Gold Cells or Gold stars/Platinum of each please.

And make The final boss much more difficult 8)

I actually expected them to add the new jets from district 11 to the co op raid. Maybe they will soon and change rewards for both. Knives on one, Stars on the other. I already spend all my stamina chasing specific plat gear now so no need to make me spend it on those gold items we all need regularly. Not to mention the daily frags from hard mode that eat up stamina. Once you get far enough you can easily spend all your daily stamina just gathering frags.

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