Coop event rewards

Since there recently there is a event raid happening I want to discuss the rewards. Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s a bonus and every bonus gear is appreciated. But two gold and three silver full cells is not really helping. Granades are even worse. We can buy them cheap in alliance store or get them everyday at Gorgon Wake.

How about rewarding us canisters? Expecially bronze. The income is kind of low. An average of 18 per reset. You need 225 to get a hero from Gold to Platinum so you need 4 weeks to get enough, if you don’t reset.
So rewarding us bronze canisters in the coop event would help getting forward, without speeding up the game to much. 5 on brutal would add up to 120 if you get to use all raids and 240 if you trade. So you could level up one extra hero.
The rewarded element would be the one dominating the featured faction. So this month it would be chem. Last month would have been energy.


Awsome idea, that’s the only gear I’m always short on, even with resets.

Other gear to of course, but you can buy them

Love this idea. And matching the element to the current featured faction would be very cool.

Agree to what you said.

Also to add to the gorgon wakes raid. I have stopped doing it and only do it if there is an event. Gorgon is very time consuming and I have thousands of each type of grenades.
There are 2 improvements that can be made to gorgon:

  1. Only 1 win per day and adjust the reward quantity accordingly.
  2. Change the reward component/month, same as you change hero in dojo/city hall. Rewards could be knives, canisters, stars, pistol, boots etc.
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