Gorgon wakes rewards?

Just wondering if the rewards will ever be changed for doing gw… I’m sure majority of us have over 1000 frags of each item…

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Been brought up before, but it still holds true. Gorgon, as well as many of the short-term special co-ops are mostly for giving new players a boost, it seems. The upcoming raid Unaffiliated Assault, for instance, only gives out fuel cells and grenades even at the Master difficulty. Although those who qualify for that level most certainly have all of that gear in excess already.

I personally mainly do those co-op raids just to check off the daily tasks, and help others do the same. Would love to see GW rewards more adapted to each individual level. So for higher level players, gold/platinum stars, gloves, pistol fragments, etc. would make more sense, and more worth your while.

I’m quite sure the devs are well aware what we all want though, but at the same time I’m guessing they need to keep the gear collecting at a level that is challenging for everyone.

A trade shop would be nice. 10 parts for 1 part of that for example to get ride of the 1000’s of parts we have


I get that, but they have tiers. Why does the 75, 85, and soon to be 90 levels all give the same gear as the lower levels, just more of it? Nobody at those levels needs that crap and it’s just wasted gear. Most people don’t even bother doing Gorgon Wakes after they have been playing awhile, unless it’s to get the 3 co-op daily quest done.

Even if the reward was only 1 platinum core mk, star, sword, etc. per Gorgon Wake, that would at least be something people could use. Or hell, give us a cash reward instead. I would do Gorgon Wakes for something like 25k cash per run. There are tons of options to make it relevant again, even for high level players, without disrupting the gear balance. The same goes for a lot of events and raids that give garbage rewards. I’m not even going to bother doing the Unaffiliated Assault co-op unless a gear glitz event shows up. Why bother when I literally have thousands of these items already that I’m not using?


Thats true why dont we rather get a few mk’s seeming that they are really hard to find…i only do gorgons when gear event is active sometimes dont even get to my 3 co op daily quest. Gorgon wake is just pure junk…at a higher level those gears is useless

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Like the idea of making it much more difficult and improving rewards. Even if u fail and loose for aiming too high

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