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I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but how would people feel if there was an inventory to see how much of x item you have on hand without needing to find someone that uses a version of that item first? Additionally, maybe a way to sell excess items you don’t need/want for bucks?


Thats a good idea indeed
I talk happened a while ago about this
But the dev are not listening
Who knows what they are hiding for us

What would you like to be able to do in an inventory screen? Besides sell gear for Bucks. I’m not clear on how would you use the information of how much of a particular gear piece you have if you don’t have a Hero who needs it. Perhaps you could explain? It would help us understand the desire behind the request.

Probably planning ahead for hero building. And gathering materials when we have energy and we are not actively farming to upgrade X hero, in case a hero becomes important by a new patch, either by a buff or just their faction being featured.

I have like 200 of each green item, but only 2 green boots. I had to go to the district one, tapping one stage at a time to check the dropped items one at a time just to check if I was missing any other green item in such quantities. It was quite tedious. Finding this info with a mere glance on a inventory screen would be a welcomed improvement.

I agree that an inventory is not the biggest of priorities, unless it comes with other features (like combining useless equipment into the next rarity or selling it), but it would be a nice addition, in my opinion.

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Like saiko said for planning. Something to be able to see how many of this bronze item I have or a green item. There’s a thread that lists the gear needed by each hero for each rank here which is helpful but if I knew how much of each of those items I already had from other hero gear farming would be nice too. I know it’s definitely not a MAJOR concerned, but it would be helpful for making the pain of grinding for certain items a little more bearable if it were an option; the numbers are already stored somewhere, it’d just be making them readily visible (I say this knowing nothing of development so if it’s ridiculously difficult please forgive my ignorance)

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@GTSaiko @PaulC


The silver crate has a chance to drop every item fragment in the game… Go to the silver crate, click on the ’ i ’ box and it will show every item you want to know how much you have of on a single screen :slight_smile:


On a second note, @Huginn , I think this is a major problem too… Of my green items, I have 500 pistols, 700 large bullets, 360 gloves, 500 sniper rifles, yet when it comes to armored boots and shoulder pads, I am at a constant 0.


How about canisters?
Need more canisters. And gold throwing-stars. :frowning:

The Cannisters and Throwing Stars are all in.
Everything is there I just looked.

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