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Hey, can you make gilded tokens part of war rewards? I would like striker but I have no way of obtaining gilded tokens reliably except for weekly mission events which by the way only gives you 1 token. Then I have to wait a whole week to try again. It’s just frustrating. If not war rewards then include it in bounty rewards. Just something more reliable to obtain. And if reliable is an issue then give us more gilded tokens for our efforts (preferably in the event missions.)
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Gild tokens for the pve players : (

For something the devs wanted to make exclusive for people who pay, they have mad Gilded tokens very available in other places. You can unlock Gilded tokens from:

PVP Faction events
Special token crates
Special skin crates
Most-wanted crates

Special token can be unlocked from PVP events, Bounty and Special Skin crates
Special skin events are COOP and can provide Gilded tokens as well as other great rewards
Most-wanted crates also can offer gilded tokens and those are Bounty specific only.

There are more ways to unlock Gilded tokens through PVE and Coop than there are by PVP

Hope this helps!

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