Where Is Golden token?

Please tell me it’s a bug. thank you


Looks like the reward is a ruby core instead

Of course, I see it. But it seems a bit premature to put it in the prizes. Remember that some heroes can be considered premium and you only get them from the golden token. We used to have a token every week or so, hopefully good!


no gold tokens anymore?! i mean…i dont need any ruby cores…dont even have a plat 5 yet


Marine has reached level 95 already, maybe they want people to be able to ruby more than one hero when they get there

Maybe devs have something planned for us. Maybe another way to earn gilded tokens. Maybe on Monday when devs are back in the office they can shine some light on this.


We’re offering a Ruby Core, here. That’s all there is to explain.

As for the future: you know we can’t talk about that, and as much fun as it is to take one data point and try to draw a line, know that it won’t be anywhere near accurate.


Sweet! We get ruby cores instead of fragments. Thanks a lot. I have no luck with gilded heroes so hopefully we do get the gilded coin somewhere besides crates. I have no luck with getting stuff I want from crates. Lol.

Dear devs, pls give us another way to get gilded tokens. I’m still missing lancer and stryker


Disappointed to not see Gilded Tokens as reward , they were already available in only a few events. After that the law of probability not working in our favour. Could only unlock Purifier with it , still need to unlock Commando , Striker and Lancer . We need a lot of Gilded Tokens for that , so please make them available somewhere else.


No one besides big money players are even close to a plat6.

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Mun, I know very well that you can’t reveal the programming and I don’t ask you to tell me. My post basically wanted to tell you, don’t take away the weekly golden tokens! :wink:

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You say good blood, maybe! Do you remember the offers with gold? They took them off and didn’t replace them with something like that. As above, mine was like a “beware devs, don’t take off our weekly golden tokens”.

What offers you mean @Elle_Apostrofo_Orso? The ones for gilded tokens ?

I mean the offers that were 1 or 1.5 year ago, which we could buy with gold and not real money.

I’m frankly disappointed in this (temporary) change. Ruby cores won’t be remotely useful for me for the next 2-3 years.

Gilded tokens are now all but inaccessible, only obtained now by <1% RNG chances or buying them in $30+ payments. Plus, the drop rates for exclusive heroes is terrible as is. Because of this, the Gilded crate has even more so lost it’s value and appeal to me.


So, one event with Ruby Cores, and you think we’ll never offer Gilded Tokens again? My “plotting a graph with one data point” comment may have been too subtle.

Relax, guys. Relax.


This was kinda me, not gonna lie @Muninn, lol. Thank you for the clarification.

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The entire month of March is littered with Solo Blitz events. It’s counterintuitive to suddenly hand out gilded tokens like a gilded token piñata exploded. No one would buy the gilded token packs they sell.

There will be a gilded token every now and again, but it’s unrealistic to expect them on every solo blitz event as there’s like 15 of them in this one month.

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People will still buy it, its not easy to get exclusive heroes