Give me ideas pls

Hello everyone! I need ideas on who to Plat next after Odachi or tell me what heroes I need to focus on.

Get Mandrake to gold ASAP. He’s one of the very best heroes for PvP and PvE once he’s gold.

Go for Gold instead of Plat. Build up a variety of heroes to choose of, before you go for endgame. Especially healing and shielding skills get a good push if you level them from gold to silver.
My advice would be mandrake, afterwards nightingale. At your level butter does well too. Maven is great for pve and bounty.


Agree! I had 45 gold before I platinumed my first hero. :slight_smile:
But Chato209, if you really wanna promote another one to platinum why not Moss?

Thank you for the advice!

45 wow! That’s some dedication. I think I was around 20 golds before I got my first plat