Who should I level next? I got a whole bunch sitting gold, grey, and green

Who’s next? Gonna make hologram man platinum before I move on.

Baffled to see your lowclass Mandrake! Pump him to gold. He’s got a good beard.
Caine is a good boi also.

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You left out many important heroes. Push Mandrake to gold asap, same with Nightingale. Go for Dogface afterwards. Continue with Nightingale or Caine for Platinum.

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You have many options:
Energie: Butter, Nightingale, Fortress, Flatline
Bio: Odachi, Mandrake, Ifrit
Mech: Dogface, Caine

Where do you get them from:
Butter & Night (Hardmode Videos), Fortress (PVP Shop), Flatline (Gauntlet)
Mandrake (PVP Shop)
Dogface (Gauntlet)

I would personally prioritize Nightingale. I barely use Mandrake anymore. The healer wall is enough to keep everyone alive (yeah, hate me) and his gold skill becomes dangerous versus Ifrit, who happens to be a common choice for PvP. Ifrit turns Mandrake’s gold in the actual opposite. Instead of hiding your low life heroes, they will get marked and focused down.

Just my opinion, though. I still lose sometimes because of Drake, so he is not a bad option, I guess.

Keel is also nice. She has been MVP in a few matches despite being the weakest of my second team.

Finally, I have a personal love for Chesterfield. If someone steps on a trap, he is as good as dead. That permaroot with extra damage is just lovely.

Isn’t the decision obvious?! You must buff Operator if you really want him to glow in that wedding dress.


I’d expect that your opperator would be a plat 10*


Nightingale without a shadow of a doubt. Probably joint 1st for best platinum in the game (tied with halo)

Then Mandrake to atleast Gold.

Don’t kink shame me. :upside_down_face:

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