Request Advice: Who should I Plat next?

Halo. You need a blue Platinum hero (since you have a green and an orange one) and she’s the best one.
Or Oracle. But Halo will deal more prominent Platinum damage than Oracle.

What about nightingale? I can get her to lv9 soon…

Not sure which heros can abuse halo’s plat skill too…

NIghtgale Platinum is totally OK by all means;
my 7* Platinum Nightingale at level 75 heals about 8000 health / second to allies below 80% health.

I made a thread about Halo’s Platinum friends just yesterday, wait I’ll find it for you.


You want plats, here you go. Just a handful to think about.

Mechs: Caine, Keel, Panzer
Bios: Ifrit, Heimlock,maven
Energy: Nightingale(my favorite), Flatline, Halo

If you decide to plat halo think about upping: Mauler, Maven, Savage, Hivemind, Wesson, Ghoul, Phoenix, Oracle(if you got her)

By far listed them all, but work on those I suppose. I’m heavily biased toward nightingale though.

Thanks… shall work on Night then Caine, Panzar, Heimlock, Ifrit and lastly Flatline :slight_smile:

Plats are huge power sinks for most heroes in PVP.

I would absolutely plat Halo first since she isn’t important for PVP right now but she will be a huge help for bounties/raids/etc.

Never take advice from anyone who tells you to plat Keel, she has one of the worst in the game.


Unfortunatly @Sogui is spot on here, right now there is a disadvantage leveling up many of your heroes because your heroes will get to a higher power than needed making you match up with more powerful opponents in PvP.

  • Leveling up from silver to platinum is not needed unless the skills at gold/plat is very important
  • Leveling up your levels of the heroes give less return in effect than keeping them low and power low
  • Leveling up your skills which is not game changing will do the same, only level up the good healing functions or high damage dealing skills
  • Level up your stars is very important because that greatly improve the base damage and health of the heroes, when the power increase is less than the value you get in return for most heroes.

By using this formula you will have a great advantage in PvP over opponents who level up their heroes, I’m not sure it’s the intention of the game but it is the game mechanics as of today (hopefully not tomorrow :wink: ).

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Yeah… I kinda wanna avoid that too so I only wanna plat the essential ones

Does platting night, Panzar, Caine, heim, flatline and Ifrit sound good?

So we’re giving people advice now to stay low in power to mess up the mid tier game even more?

They are right though, but this is taking a bad turn, 80%~ of the fights between 20k and 45k is min max

If EVERYONE abuses the system, nobody is at a disadvantage

Well, people who upgraded the heros that are being used for min max are, seems I have a lot of them already beyond use

I’m just highlighting the current situation which is going against common sense (that you will get better by upgrading your heroes). The only ways to not be in disfavor at PvP is now:

  • Do what lots of people are doing under evolving heroes to get low power matches against easier opponent or …
  • Totally max your team, so all heroes 10 star plat with all skills upgraded at lvl 75… then no opponent can benefit for using the extreme boundaries in the game

By being open about what is going on, we might get more people to agree that this is limiting progress, limiting money spent on upgrading heroes to plat by not buying energy to develop heroes, and maybe one day the sun will shine and good adjustments will be implemented :wink:

It’s not like I’ve been saying for a long time that 99% of plats do not justify the >1,000 power they add for the skill and the >2,000 power they add in promotions (which tend to be a waste for supports/low DPS heroes).

Halo is an excellent candidate because her plat is very strong but its not like she is good in PVP with just silver or gold.

Panzer is my other top choice for your lineup because her plat is actually decent AND Panzer will benefit the most from all the weapon damage increases that come with the promotions (5k more weapon damage for panzer means a lot more than 15k more weapon damage for Nightingale). Since you have 8* Nightingale, Caine, and 9* Heimlock, its unlikely that a Plat 8* Panzer would unbalance your team too much.

Nightingale is a solid plat but its really risky dumping that much power onto a healer, especially if you’re not piloting her. I’m also skeptical about her plats utility when the entire PVP meta is focused on burst damage, it will do an excellent job of keeping everyone else topped off but it will do 0 healing for someone who is getting focus-fired, which is precisely the only person who actually needs healing in that situation. I could see the argument for platting her if you have her as your only healer but since that’s not really the meta either right now, its hard to justify.

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I’m annoyed I have to agree with you lately sogui.

I don’t like your playing style, but it works the best, under lvl, and don’t get platinum hero’s, just use lvl 40, 10* silver hero’s, best way to play the game. With a few exemptions platinum isn’t worth it

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Thanks for your advice. In fact, I had already been working on Gale… luckily I asked before making any further upgrades.

After reading your comments, I’m kinda regretting platting Drake now. I shall focus on platting panzar or getting a few useful heroes to gold