Platinum Skills

Getting close to getting a couple heroes to plat. Who are the best? AND accessible?


I don’t have any input, just wanna make sure I follow this thread. :slight_smile: Will surely come in handy the next coming weeks or months.

Halo is still very good, she got a nerf but she is still op.
And Moss is very good on paper, i don’t have plat him but very soon :slight_smile:
Nightingale is very useful too.


Dogface’s plat makes enemies stagger (like when cover is broken) for some reason. And the plat item is just a fuel cell. There’s also a spreadsheet detailing what items you need to promote heroes: Hero Hunters Item Guide!

Have you tried nightingale’s plat in practice? Is it effective?

That heal at <80% sounds like a deadly combo with Mandrake’s. It’s like perpetual healing at different HP levels. Though it stops when the toon gets hit right?

Yes it stops, if a hero is hit.

Its a great skill, but to combine it with mandrake isnt that great, because it just makes yout hero lose the invisibility faster, And if someone is hitting the invisibil target, Nightingales skill wont help

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That sounds so niche =0 who do you combine her with? I feel like she’s good for already tanky toons like Razorback or phalanx

It varies, but she works great with Razorback and Fortress, because people stop attacking them, when they activate their skills.

I don’t have her at plat, but I feel moss could be a good combo. His bronze heal is huge and usually takes your remaining heroes back to full or near full health. Gale would be able to top them off and sometimes immediately heal the damage moss does to himself with her plat. Also a fortress that’s in recharge mode would get the extra heal to be able to do more damage.

Thought about that combination, too. Gales silver gives 15% crit, giving Moss platin an extra push.
I need to beat 9-7 to get Moss to platin and test it :roll_eyes:

I dont think its a combination for the end game, but something that could work pretty well against “normal” opponents in PvP.

May I ask,
how many Gold characters did you have before deciding to focus on Platinum?
I have 20 Gold now. Platinum feels like it’s supposed to happen now.

I have 3 plats (dogface, razorback, mandrake) and 12 gold (Almost plat for gammond and heimlock). I’m highly selective with my investments haha

But I noticed that I have very few options for Mech and Bio vs Energy.

  1. Mechanical: Dogface is quite mandatory. Matador is accessible. Savage is good for Halo combo. Caine is scary. Hardscope, beck, operator and elite rifleman are underwhelming. Clyde dies easily. Steele and Galante are essentially a bit meh.

  2. Energy: (TONS of choices) Gammond, Phalanx, Halo, Fortress, Heckler, Baron, Sentry. . I mean even most of my golds are energy heroes. And we have an all energy hero event soon. And 2 of our new heroes are energy. We have way too much love for energy heroes.

  3. Bio: Aside from Mandrake, the next logical choice is Moss. Heimlock would also be nice but hard to farm for. Maven theoretically seems good esp for PVE. Cinder is another good, offensive choice with good synergies. Everyone else are either inaccessible (ex. Scum, Artemis, Cross-in consideration of long term farming) or useless (Ghoul = maven 2.0 but dont roast me on this I have him at 6*, Phoenix, fischer and francoise)

SOOOO my point is, Im following this thread to look at the opinions of everyone haha

Hi. So I’ve decided to stop Golding characters now, trying the Platinum thing out for a while. As you can see I’ve started with Dogface.
Any recommendations for who’s next? I want a batch of 3 or 4 Platinums before July ends.1529606971-picsay

Or should I maybe aim for 30 Gold heroes before I take the Platinum step? I’m a bit OCD and 30 feels better.

I think once you build a decent roster of golds, investing in platinum for your most used heroes/#1 PvP loadout is a good move if the skill is worthwhile. Out of what you have I would consider the following after Dog:

  • Heimlock: flat damage reduction is useful everywhere
  • Phalanx: team wide attack/health boost to start the match is great along with the mag shield
  • Odachi: There aren’t a ton of good DPS biochem heroes. He’s good for knocking out mech units quickly (Dogface)
  • Caine: PvP monster. Team-wide crit chance/crit damage boost adds some punch to his defensive kit

Others have really useful plat skills too, these would just be my personal preference.

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FourFingers’s choices are great, but some extra options are:

  • Mandrake: While his plat skill is below average, in my opinion, we all know he is a beast, both in PvP and PvE. The stat boost he gets from plat is well worth the investment, even if the skill isn’t that good.

  • Halo: She has been nerfed, but she is still MVP pretty much every time I face her, which means that, while not broken anymore, she is still a great hero. She brings lots of damage and heals to the table.

  • Gammond: The health boost he gets from the plat makes him survive longer, which makes it easier to cast his heal. And I personally think that Gammond’s heal is brutal on PvP.

  • Oracle: Her platinum is bugged, and destroys everyhing. The devs wont be fixing her until next patch, so you can plat her and abuse her plat for the next 3 weeks to crush enemies on PvP tourneys. Even without the bug, she seems like a strong choice, too. So once she is fixed, she shouldn’t be useless (Unless they also nerf her, but that could happen with any hero you decide to plat)

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Have you finished the last district for the plat fragments?

Because you will need a lot of these frags to upgrade your heroes, but for the question I think the best heroes to get to platine are :

Caine : Mainly for PVP, he is truly good and the boost crit is op
Halo : ok she is nerf but still useful with savage and baron or even hivemind
Fortress : My teammate told me he is awesome
Heimlock : Top healer or Moss
Mandrake : mandatory for pvp

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I’m done with District 9 so there’s a few missions for me to farm Platinum equipment from. As for Hard campaign I’m stuck at District 8.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I decided to have 30 Gold heroes before continuing working towards Platinum. Maybe dumb or waste of resources but I really just want 30. So I’m working for the next couple of days on Sapphyr, Moss and Matador. Just gonns Gold them. Then my journey towards Platinum starts for real.
I’m considering Phalanx for early Platinum promotion, it sounds like a skill that supports the whole team. Just a bummer she’s only 5*. Halo sounds to be the consensus also. So I’m gonna look into that.

It´s a game and you should have fun playing it. So do what ever makes you happy. As long as you are good with your decison, that´s neither dumb or a waste of ressources. I lately upgarded Hardscope to Gold. Not h hero you really need, but I always liked him and do even more after the update. Did it help getting better? Not really, but I´m satisfied with doing so.

Back to your beginning question. I would finish Dogface, he`s easy to upgrade and has a great impact in PvP and PvE.
The next best heroes were already mentioned, but I just want to drop in Nightingale. Also not to hard to upgrade and has a big and fast instant heal. Her Platinum is great too. Your opponent really hast to focus on a hero to finish him, because otherwise he will automatically be heald. Great in combination with Mandrake.

How’s it going Lashawnduh?
I just Platinum;ed my Dogface, am not impressed by his Plat skill.

I have decided Odachi as my next (ongoing) Platinum project - that damage boost just looks too good to miss out on. I am interested in Caine so he’ll probably follow - but I should do some Energy hero first maybe since I just Platinum;ed a Mech and am a bit low in Mech resources.

The Platinum skill ist not the main reason to push dogaface. More the extra damage for his Bronze and Silver :wink: