Give Savage Some Love

Conceptually I like this guy, he’s a dude with two huge machine guns that lays down suppressing fire to support his allies. In practice, he could really use some buffing in a lot of categories.

First, his DPS is pretty lousy - he does less DPS than even Matador and Baron, and those guys provide very significant support abilities. Why is his DPS the worst of the lot when his support capabilities are also the worst?

Second, his spray and pray is horrifically underpowered. I’ve got him leveled at the same level as Siren (both plat six star), and his spray and pray has a 40% chance to do 25% of the DPS that siren song does. So, his spray and pray has an expected DPS that is 10% of Siren Song. Why? It’s just as interruptable. Not only that, but siren song can inflict silence, whereas spray and pray only inflicts disorient if defensive fire is activated (which the computer never seems to do on its own before using spray n pray).

Third, his passives are a pretty modest boost to his damage. Ricochet only has a 15% chance of occurring off of missed shots. If you figure he misses maybe 30% of his shots (which is generous - I assume he mostly is used to shoot at front and midline characters), 15% of 30% is 4.5%. So, about 4.5% of his shots trigger a ricochet . I haven’t cranked through the math on shredder (it’s kind of complicated), but I bet it adds less than 10% to his expected DPS. So, both passives, fully leveled, add maybe 15% to his DPS. Including the effect of his passives, I think his DPS with just his gun is at about the same level as Matador’s, and that guy isn’t known for being an offensive powerhouse. Baron does significantly more damage.

Fourth, defensive fire’s health boost is pretty poor considering that it only triggers when Savage kills someone…but Savage’s DPS is so poor that he almost never kills anyone.

Suggestions: this dude’s theme with spray and pray, ricochet and the two machine guns (attached to a backpack of ammo) is overwhelming firepower. So give him more firepower. Instead of an 80 round clip (which is the same size as Matador and Baron’s clips), give him a 120 or even a 160 round clip and make him fire twice as fast (you know, since he has two guns). This will give a huge boost to both his damage and the power of ricochet. Speaking of which, maybe increase ricochet to 25% or 33% - the current math on ricochet’s impact is pretty disheartening. Also, it would be great if spray and pray was given more DPS and caused disorient without defensive fire turned on. I mean, the idea is that some behemoth of a man with two gigantic machine guns is blindly firing a million rounds a second at everything on the battlefield. That’s surely disorienting for anyone who experiences it.

As it stands right now, this guy is very close to the bottom, bottom tier of the game’s characters. I think there are pretty simple ways to increase his viability - let me know if you agree!


Yup, he used to be one of the best because of spray and pray paired with defensive fire allows him to stagger all enemies while damaging them, but he’s been outclassed now. He needs a damage buff, maybe better gold and platinum skills.

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