Spotlight: Savage

This series will seek to highlight the variety of heroes in Gun Rise and help players get more familiar with their design. This spotlight centers around the upcoming hero Savage!

Savage wields a pair of smart guns equipped with advanced auto-trackers. The computer takes the guess work out of the shooting, turning Savage into little more than a glorified gun carrier for his deadly weapons.

Savage is a powerful frontline support Hero. Once unlocked, use his abilities and rapid firing smart guns to suppress enemies, reducing their movement speed and Basic Attack accuracy making them easy prey for your allies.


  • Large Health pool allows Savage to take a lot of Damage without faltering

Primary Weapon - Akimbo M120 ‘Rambo’:

  • While inaccurate, these guns can dish out a consistent stream of damage. Prioritize other frontline enemies or focus on weakly armored foes to maximize his Damage output.

Spray and Pray
Spray and Pray deals damage to all enemies in front of Savage, allowing him to damage larger numbers of enemies.

  • Tips
    • Spray and Pray is a great ability to clean up large numbers of weak or damaged enemies.
    • Combo this ability with Defensive Fire to suppress large numbers of enemies.

Defensive Fire
Defensive Fire boosts Savage for a short duration. All damage dealt during defensive fire slows enemy movement and reduces their Basic Attack accuracy.

  • Tips
    • All Basic Attacks and Abilities can be affected by the Defensive Fire debuff.
    • Spread your damage amongst the enemy team to keep all of them suppressed at once. You only need to deal damage once to suppress them.

Smart Ammunition
Smart Ammunition, missed shots have a chance to ricochet into a nearby enemy.

  • Tips
    • Shooting cover counts as a missed shot; use Smart Ammunition to deal focused damage to cover and continue to damage on enemy targets.
    • Aim strategically to ensure as many shots as possible land near their target increasing the chances of a missed shot hitting their intended destination.

Shredder gives Savage bonus Critical Damage and Critical Chance.

  • Tip
    • Boosts Savage’s potential damage output


  • Combine Savage with allies that can boost his Basic Attack Damage or boost his Critical Chance to improve his relatively low per-shot Damage.
  • His rapid firing smart guns chew up enemy cover. Using Keel’s Scavenge ability can restore his Health whenever cover is demolished.

Image Keep an eye on our News & Announcements section for how to obtain this hero in our 0.7 release!

What do you think of Savage?


Looks great , waiting for him :star_struck:

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Happy to see a real honest beserker joining Gun Rise :grin:

How will you be able to unlock him? :thinking: Through events? Hard missions in district 7? Only throug hero crate? Or will it remain a mystery till the next update :upside_down_face:

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It’ll remain a secret. We’ll be announcing how to get him once the next release goes out. I can say that everyone will have several opportunities to unlock him!


Looks great! Hope it’s not as easy as getting Prophet :wink:


Bases on what huginn Saïd i think we Can get him through events and the Hero crate

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This thread isn so old people are referring to some game called Gun Rise and all. But since it’s still unlocked I hope it’s OK to post here.
Just wanted to say that I love Savage. He’s been with me since the beginning (well that’s not long ago, only been playing a month and some weeks) and I can’t count how many times he saved my a$$ in PVP with a last minute Spray & Pray. I’m going to unlock his Gold skill soon. While I don’t think it’s going to bring anything new to Savage I consider him one of those who are inportant to keep updated all the time.


Not bad, let’s wait.

It says that defensive fire is active for 2 seconds. Is this a typo? Am I bad at counting seconds? Or do I misunderstand the skill?

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