A monthly (or weekly) gold drawing/giveaway

So uh, the struggle is real. Time and time again, TapJoy has failed me. Running out of options, I came up with a brilliant ish idea.

How about every once in a while, we have a gold giveaway. The amount of gold given could be dependent on the frequency of the giveaway, for example: One giveaway per month would give a larger payout than every week. A post could be made by someone like Omni, or the other one with Hideo as his pfp, where it’ll say something like “You have 6 hours to like this post. A random person will be chosen to receive some gold.” (hence the “drawing” part”)

Just an idea, though. It doesn’t even have to be gold, could be some other prize, like bucks, rare hero shards, or maybe idk, a free 10x crate :slightly_smiling_face: hint hint although that’d probably never happen. lol.

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You could just buy gold with cash :man_shrugging:

Or use one of the other ways to get gold. PvP crates, Bonus patrols, watching adds, PvP tournaments or events.

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those are some good points, but c’mon, who wouldn’t want a gold giveaway though? it’s not like it’s guaranteed anyways, it’d just be nice to get lucky and win somethin from HHG every once inna while, i thought :man_shrugging: maybe not

I never use tapjoy. My biggest source of gold comes from completing 13 daily requests to get 30 gold and 5 Cinder frags. If I save up, then I can sometimes buy cheap crates that are 99 gold. Other than that, it’s patience and having good gold management skills.

Buy gold, You can afford 5$ worth of gold

They already have daily giveaways of free gold. Watch an ad and then watch again for 5 free gold a day. Plus on days 3 and 8 of daily log in calendar 50 free gold. So in 10 days you will receive 150 gold. Not to mention all the other gold you can get from rewards. That is very generous.

Don’t you know Gold doesn’t grow on trees? And even it did, the devs would have to spend many hours watering and cultivating them, singing to them, and burying some gold in order to grow more trees. Huggin and Munnin would have to put in even more hours and back breaking physical labor digging holes. I am very satisfied with the amount of free gold we are given.


This post just sounds like another “I want more free stuff just because”.

There’s tons of gold given away in the game already. This request doesn’t make sense as it’s nothing more than begging for something for free.

I think ima just keep my ideas to myself from now on
thanks for the feedback anyways. Even though i actually thought it was an alright idea, many disagreed, which is okay, since everybody was mature about it. I appreciate y’all not trying to belittle me, maybe I should just “suck it up”

It’s not that it’s a specifically bad suggestion. The solution, really, is to know when and how to use gold. Even if you don’t want to pay real-life money, which is totally fine, you can still save a little gold here, pick up a little gold there. Eventually, you could spend it on a hero/faction crate, or to buy a nicer item from the black market.

I can vouch that HHG is not stingy with gold, as they recently gave out 100 gold + 1k gauntlet gems to everyone for a bug in gauntlet. That’s about $2 irl; no small amount of pocket change.

If you haven’t, I would highly recommend joining an active, efficient alliance. With bounties, patrol crates, and such, you will gain resources more quickly. Other than that, patience is the best route for saving gold.

I would not mind getting more gold at all, but HHG already gives quite some gold for free, so there is no need to give us more. You can play for free and still be competitive.
Getting 50 gold a day is no problem, if you play PvP activly 100 gold a day is not unrealistic, that is a 10 crate opening each month for free.

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