How much cash spent?

I am just curiius how much money the average player has spent in the game, I wanted to support the Devs because I really enjoy the game but I don’t want to go overboard. Thanks!

I’m VIP10 :slight_smile:

@Poobgloob has actually made a spreadsheet detailing the amount of points/US Dollars needed for each VIP level! VIP Level Requirements Spreadsheet Most people I see in VIP chat are VIP Level 6-10 (a total of 26-150 US Dollars spent). Overboard? You’d be surprised. I’ve only spent 3 dollars, but I’d spend more if I could.

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I have not yet played 2 weeks but I am already VIP10. I spend a bunch o’ bucks to get a flying start. I don’t plan to spend more now for a good while as I have enough characters to level up for the next 2 lifetimes and I also don’t want to spoil the fun of actually COLLECTING my heroes. Working for them. But the VIP10 thing feels good, I have double Gauntlet resets for instance which helps a lot.

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I’ve been playing the game for 90+ days now. I’m 100 points into VIP5. From memory at the start I think bought a special introductory offer of gold for 2.99. Since then I bought the first Piggy Bank and I now buy the Gold Drop every 30 days (I’m on my third).
I enjoy the collecting aspect of the game and also the scraping around to get gold to get my next hero or event crate :grinning: I think it adds a little more purpose to the grind.