So..Devs..Perhaps Dial Down the Greed Just a Bit? ;)

Thanks for making a fun game! Most of us are glad to toss some of our “hard earned” your way for a game that is worth playing like this one. But at the same time; it feels like you’re trying to force micro-purchases a bit too much on us. You have a pretty solid fan base but it’s not going to take long for people to get bored of the limited advancement and play time without shoveling more money in your pockets over and over. :smiley: People are already beginning to realize that spending even more money for gold serves no purpose because the developmental gain is mitigated by the intentional impediments built into the game. In some cases, a user can purchase gold repeatedly and burn through thousands in just a few minutes and still be just slightly better than before and thus forced to purchase more gold again. Of course they can choose to suck it up and wait it out but that’s the minority of the players. In other words, set the game up for the users to succeed - not fail or blocked from advancement until more gold is spent. Allow for longer play sessions each day and people may become even more engaged and consequently, continue to spend their money. Again, we know you’re in it for the coin and we’re fine with that. It’s a business and most players do not want to employ the amount of patience needed to advance without making purchases. Rather than take advantage of that, why not just go with it and set the system to be a bit more fair to your loyal fans and give a little more freedom for advancement/gameplay in a future update? Not only will that keep those cash flow projections happy, you’ll gain more a more permanent and loyal fan base.


Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

IXL - Infernal Legion


Hey @Aethian

Thanks for the feedback here :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know we do read everything and take everything into account.

Keep on hunting!

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