Gold missing from events

Anyone noticed that gold is now missing from event rewards?

yeah it is really difficult to not spend money when everything needs gold and lots of it. They really need to revamp the rewards and to change the daily login enough with cinder already add a new hero.

We have never had Gold as a final reward in bounty events.


I want a refund on all the gold I never got from bounty

this wasn’t serious




Not from Bounty events mean from pvp events etc rank 250 ish used to net around 500 gold other events did same sort of thing

That was never a regular thing. Every once in awhile, a PvP event would have gold as a reward, but usually not.

yup usually pvp brawls and pvp showdown brawl (1 day event) used to give gold but they are now replaced by draft pvp. so i guess they removed gold rewards.