Bounty rewards 2.0

strong text i just wanted to point out, that everyday for the first time i log in and do my daily rewards, i make 3x the bounty rewards. so next time you spend all weekend playing bounty, remember that you’re doing it for 1/3 of what you get for logging in once a day for 10 min. and that’s for the top 25 rewards, the top 5 and 1st place don’t even equal one days worth of daily rewards, so it’s basically 100% bragging rights. they changed pvp and AW rewards and made them so much better, but they have left bounty out. i don’t even care for bounty, but i just wanted to put the rewards into perspective for people that act like they spend (waste) gold on bounty for the rewards. that i could make with 3 hrs of pvp with crates and pvp gems


It’s a video game. What else matters aside from bragging rights?

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Agreed, they should focus on this. Maybe even add individual leaderboards like in pvp.
People are soowly getting more and more tired of bounty cause rewards are really horrible


Bounty is boring and not worth the time. War is a drag and no one knows how to play. It’s taken the life out of this game. Pvp rewards are horrible especially for lower levels now. I’ve pointed out I’m getting punished for being low but then also punished for getting too high power. I’ve pointed out the inconsistencies in pvp rewards percentages per bracket but nothing is done except release a string of useless very high powered heroes so that more people are pushed up in pvp brackets.

Bottom line, the last 5 months this game’s gone downhill fast. Every month the hero changes and release updates make my skin crawl. None of the rewards are worth it. They ruined a great game.

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Doing Bounty, getting all rewards, and placing 25-50 gets you the following:

  • 9,500 Alliance Gems
  • 425 sta
  • 500 PVP Gems
  • 500 Gauntlets Gems
  • 1.65 million cash
  • 90 Universal Frags
  • 65 Skill Points
  • 40 Quick Win Tickets
  • 117 Mech/Energy/Bio Frags (39 each)
  • 4 Platinum Throwing Stars
  • 6 Gold Throwing Stars
  • 4 Platinum Throwing Knives
  • 6 Gold Throwing Knives
  • 25 Skin Tokens

You also get some random bronze and silver weapons, recharges, and xp. How in any way is this the same as the daily rewards? Daily rewards you get 14 hero frags, less than $1M cash, and less than 200 sta. You get 36 gold, which is the only thing you get from dailies that you don’t from bounties.

PVP tournaments aren’t much better. In the current one running, you get 200 character frags, 2k PVP gems, 1.1M cash, and 580 sta if you place top 50%. That’s 1.5k more PVP Gems and 155 more sta, but 7 less frags, 9500 less Alliance Gems, 500k less cash, etc.

Bounty rewards are pretty good, only rivaled by Alliance Wars. The problem is just the time commitment. Having to play dozens upon dozens, or even hundreds of bounties over 3 days is exhausting. Especially when they are the exact same ones since release and we have to do them every other week. I would rather see the devs shorten the length to two days, down from three, and make the milestones easier to achieve to compensate.


It is worth remembering that the bounty rewards and alliance war rewards all go to your whole alliance as well. Comparing it to the daily rewards you get that only apply to yourself is apples to oranges.

Not to say that I wouldn’t like a buff to these rewards… :slight_smile:

Bounty rewards sucks. Dont forget how time consuming bounties are and how many bucks are spent in one decent alliance that finish somewhere between 25-50.
For daily rewards you dont need more than 20 minutes with gauntlet included.
Bounty is pretty much the same since they introduced it and thats not good, people are getting tired of it especially cause they dont have motivation to play it.
Pvp rewards are decent now, atleast in my bracket, they fixed them, bounty is left to be fixed