Good times

I miss the crates with exclusive fragments of the new heroes I was just disappointed buying crates and nowhere the new heroes only spent money when I had exclusive crate of the fragments was expensive was worth the sacrifice now I’ve spent more than 10k gold for carbine and nothing only in one of the boxes in the other 4k this command I will not even buy I saw it will give anyway so I’ll wait … if something changes …

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You should have just waited a few days and you would have unlocked her in the COOP. It say’s a chance you will unlock her and it’s gamblers fallacy the more you unlock crates the more you think you will get her but it remains the same 5% chance regardless of how many you opened. Nothing will change, the crates have been this way since the hero crate has been around, there are other ways to unlock hero’s and the COOP is often the best and cheapest option.


It is not a matter of being cheap or not it is a matter of seeing several people buying one and taking out the hero and you bought several did not even smell like having the coop I am missing 9 to get it if I had saved the gold to the Instead of using it … but do what right patience

would have saved 14k more gold do what is life … more if one puts up exclusive crate of hero fragments would be top

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