Goodbye for now

It’s been fun, but I need to take a break from this game, probably forever.
There’s too many people to thank for the great times I’ve had, but the two main guys I have to mention are @CFH and @Manitoo, thanks for letting me ride on your coattails for the whole game and getting me into 941 when I was a nobody.

Where it started

To the Highest moment

To the End


Oh that’s nice. Have a nice break!

How much did you pay?

Good luck @Tunamelt, will miss you on this board

Good luck Tuna. Great guy

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[941] Bad Boys ready to fire 21-gun Salute! Bye tuna, good luck with everything new you’ll start :slight_smile:
GG Arca

With an account that has achieved so much, why are you leaving? Couldn’t you let it run in a less active mode?

Take a breath man we don’t need to lose one here if you took the time to post then you’re worth the effort come back bro

Good luck Tuna! Hopefully it’s not a forever break as you’ll be missed and there aren’t many of us [FPM] vets still active these days. But if it is, totally understand… Cheers friend!