End of an era: Farewell from ULFPAM / Aueio

Yeeeeaaah, I don’t usually see the big meaning of doing a “farewell” post but I feel that I’ve been deeply engaged in the Hero Hunters community and don’t wanna leave in silence.
So some months ago I realised I didn’t boot the HH app up as often as I used to, I stopped caring about events, new heroes etc. Left my competitive alliance for a chiller one. And since then I’ve been trying to rekindle the spark but failed. I kept chatting at Discord, it’s a great place, but it wasn’t enough to keep me attached to the game.

My reason for quitting is… Well… Just the natural cycle of falling in and out of love. I’ve been playing Hero Hunters for about a year and a half I think; it’s a long time and I honestly don’t think I’ve put more ours into a game ever!

I have no negative feelings about the development of the game, absolutely not. The developers are all doing a great job to keep their product alive and thriving and I bet they will keep entertaining old and new players for a good while to come.

I’ve met lots of friends on Hero Hunters but (almost!) no enemies. Cheers to all of you no matter what. Have fun!


Good luck to you and thank you for your participation


Farewell, and it’s been great that you were one of our greatest community members in the early times of forum.

I will PM you in discord on the day we community clash winners get the rewards. Hope you won’t miss the portrait lol

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I should claim it and put as avatar in the game. :slight_smile:

You will be missed buddy, have a good one! You’re always welcome back to the server :slight_smile:

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What a nice farewell message to read… n GL for the new chapter to come.

We’re gonna miss your level headed insightfulness. Good luck and hope you’ll be back

It’s nice to know you ULFPAM. Never in my times in a forum have I met someone as considerate as you. Good luck with your journeys =)

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Thank you for your service! We’ll miss you.


Thank you for all your great contributions to this community, ULFPAM! You’ll be missed.


Farewell buddy! The community will be missing you

Gonna’ miss you ULF! Take it easy!

ULFPAM, you left HHG?! :frowning:

Ive seen that mandrake face on a lot of forum posts lol. Best of luck bud. They usualy come back. See you in a couple months