Great Players vs Bad Players

Hello everyone!!,

Hope that everyone is doing well during these crazy days with the pandemic.

I am getting really into the game and I was wondering what makes someone a great Hero Hunter’s player.

What I know until now is:

  1. Do as many quests as possible
  2. Focus on maxing stars out for one Hero. So you can farm Heronium.
  3. Get in an alliance and be active as you get a few more benefits and fragments.
  4. Do not waste gold, it is better to gather a lot of them and spent them on 10x hero crates.
  5. Do some Tapjoy events.

What do I not know:

  1. Probably I do not know a lot about being a great player
  2. During the Wars how should I spend my War Coins?
  3. How can I be able to know which Meta exists in the game?
  4. What is the difference between a great PvE team and a great PvP team? (Why not have one for both? thus spending less time investing in 2 teams?)
  5. Are there any Key PvE team Combinations or Key PvE Heroes that I must have?
  6. Is it wise to try and increase my Team Level as fast as I can?
  7. Is it wise to try and take the Hero I focus on to Ruby as fast as I can?
  8. In Gauntlet, are there any tricks you all have to beat all the levels? (I currently try to upgrade a lot of my healers to help for Gauntlet but I still get stuck on Sector 6)
  9. Any other Tips and Tricks you recommend or is there anything else you believe I did not mention?

I’m preparing a response. Expected completion of first draft is oct. 19th, 2020. Is there anything else?


Do u use discord or what’s ur in game name? Let me know… It’ll be more convenient for me to explain everything with example to…Explaining here is tough for my laziness (just kidding)


Much appreciated, thank you very much

Thank you for the reply here is my account’s name.

Hey so let me just touch on a few. The difference between pve and pvp heroes is that in pve the AI follows rules so if you have someone taunting all the AI attack that toon, if you’re invisible the AI doesn’t attack you. In pvp those rules are broken and I don’t care if one of your toons is taunting I’m going to kill who I want, and I track invisible players. You get more time in pve for heroes to use their skills so it’s give and take. All heroes can be used in both. At your level it’s figuring out which heroes to platinum first. So look at the platinum skills figure out which help your play style and which ones are better left at gold. Patience as most the stuff you’ll learn as you go. Don’t worry about meta it always changes ronin was meta and he was nerfed to weakling.


great response bro thanks for that ima keep it in mind

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