How to play

Need help to learn how to ply

Ask for what kind of help you need, some could help you in here.

Like the game in general? A certain mode? Details help.

Keep heroes up to date with your level. Improve on stars before you do the bars. Make sure you use the right element in the missions for max effects.

I feel like someone has a good video/post about how to play the game. I’m currently on mobile, so finding this will take a while.

But it would help if the OP specified the areas of where they need help with

Just download the game. There is a pretty extensive guide that explains the basics of how to play, the game guide carries and keeps explaining things until you have done them all. This will last up until District 2/3

I would recommend to not make a post about this, what i do recommend is to ask a player in the game itself and ask for advice, and try to explore the game yourself, if you really need help there’s lots of nice players here and if you need me ingame, OMGITSaMELLOW

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Not going to say their name but there was a super helpful alliance leader in my early days.

you said good players :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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What are you talking about?

it was a touch of humor you must not have understood