How do you play?

So I was wondering, as most of us are either at home or at work playing this game, how do we play, what is your environment. So in the comment you can either describe how you play or send a photo

I personally play on my couch where I have my computer for homework and my controller to play on my console


That’s a nice place. I usually play when I’m sitting at my PC. I would like to also be able to play it on an emulator with a keyboard and mouse. :sunglasses:

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Here download lol


Haha, for most people that actually counts

Would be very cool indeed

Okay whenever I get a chance, usually between breaks at my desk doing work

Cool, I don’t have work :wink: just homework and training

Lucky you, when you get a job it gets harder to play HH and you end up missing a lot of events. I can only do 4-5b a bounty as I miss half of it working :confused:

Most I do I work out 90 minutes a day, like mass training exercises

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But honestly the thing I do most is study and get in chats helping people and motivating other, gameplay wise I only have 1.2m power over 1000 days which is pretty bad to be honest, I just don’t want to spend to much money on games, I Spare everything for later

By the time you are 1m you don’t need to spend money. I’d suggest rethinking how you’re playing the game to grow to grow your account before helping others with advise for growing. The main period people will spend money is from 0-999k as it is a grind to get to 10* but by the time you are 1m you should be earning 9k heronium a day to get you 60 of each elemental fragment. If you aren’t doing this then I suggest you follow the advise I always give to new players. The first 5 district hard missions should be farmed for heronium every day, this increases your growth drastically. I’d also suggest finding a good alliance that reaches milestone 1, at your power you should be able to reach the minimums of a top 100 alliance. Over 130 alliances reached Milestone 1 last bounty. Getting those hero crates and MW tokens help your growth. Potentially consider also working on your top 5 to get into a top 100 war alliance as this is the top 30% reward bracket. Combining all of these, you should be growing 100k every 30 days.

I have a few 10 stars I farm from, but I keep the rest low for pvp, when I test things I do drafts and events, and just so you know, I study and test all the things I learn, I think I’m ready to give advise :wink:

I probably sound very arrogant and childish, maybe I am a bit, but believe me I know what I’m doing in the game, I just don’t spend to much upgrading my heroes, I want to keep a bit lowish, I take heroes to 8 star and keep them around there so my teams don’t differ to much power, so I can easily farm pvp

I understand the concept of keeping low power for PVP but if you are as well tested as you say you are then surely you would benefit more going into Mythic and getting better rewards? Keeping low for PVP holds your roster back for all aspects of the game, bounty and war are much easier at high levels and PVP as well. You get used to higher DPS and better strategies to combat 5 bar teams.

Here is an example:

I know, I’ll work on it but I’m more upgrading new heroes or heroes that caught my attention so I can figure out stuff about them, as I said I help more people than I play for myself,

I usually use my lowgrade phone and get all my daily tasks on the morning. If there’s events like bounty or PvP I take more time in the game. Usually I rarely play in evenings. Also, having high level heroes usually helps in helping others since at high levels heroes play out differently.

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The rewards are MUCH better at Mythic. You can get a ton of gold (up to 100 per crate), and get 8 hero frags instead of 5.