Guide for Pariah and Marlowe

Pariah shines when it comes to self healing and gaining the advantage by playing with the enemies mind, mainly she can tank up damage and heal herself with her silver but where she shines is probably her silver which is basically a heal block and turns healing into damage, which can be extremely powerfull if your enemy is low on hp. For the rest her abilities allow her to do this to multiple targets, her platinum might be one of the best things of her allowing her to get invisible and gain a damage boost whenever she is invisible, making her a good pair with mandrake or lancer, anyone that would get her invisible, she might be the new cast, I would reccomend Pariah, lancer, keel, then butter and oracle, this team would give her enough damage and plenty of extra healing keeping the entire team alive.

Marlowe is specialized in her bronze, her bronze is her big deal, use it as much as possible on the most important enemy, every charge gives a 12% slower movement speed and use the silver whenever the opponent is doing something big, they’ll get stunned for 5 seconds for every charge you had and if you didn’t have a charge on the enemy you root them for a while, when she is gold she can whiplash 2 enemies every time and it deals more damage making it even more usefull, her platinum gives her a big health boost whenever you use the silver on an enemy or it expires and regens 20% of the bronze, giving her the ability to immediatly start whiplashing enemies again, she would be especially usefull with heroes that needs stuns or slow activating abilities like grenades, I reccomend Marlowe, Kunochi or anyone that needs to land their abilities on enemies, phalanx due to the low hp, heimlock and kobold to keep them alive.


To upload footage to computer : use the charging cord for the phone which is lightning or usbc to usb. Plug one end into your phone and the USB end into the computer. then you should be able to download files from the phone to the computer. If you need to see a visual search on YouTube how to get files from phone to computer. Hope this helps.

To upload to YouTube you must first create a channel.

How to upload a video to YouTube using a web browser

  1. Navigate to YouTube in a web browser.
  2. Make sure you are logged in. …
  3. Click the Create a video button at the top of the screen. …
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Mr. Pronk. My man.

Because of this guide, you noted something about Pariah I had overlooked. I never thought to put her on a team with Lancer before your suggestion. So I did. And now she’s even more astonishing. So thank you, Pronk! You rock man! Way to go and way to see things I didn’t see!

P.S., Auto typed Richard on VIP, but I know you’re Robert. Sorry!


Haha, no problem man I’m glad I helped out, you and a lot of other awesome people keep me motivated on doing this, thanks it means a lot to me


I’m serious dude. I kept relying on her own personal invisibility, but that appears to be a very rare occurrence. Once I added Lancer + Drake, OMG!


Great call on the lancer/drake with pariah!


Great post, more informative and includes more heroes. However I would again ask you to look at your style of writing and make it more inclusive for discussion :+1:

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Will do, thanks for reminding me :nerd_face:

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It seems to me that Marlowe is kind of like a DPS version of Briar, no?

Like, you want to focus on one enemy with her, stack debuffs, then use her other skill?

Yes I kind of agree, a fun idea to my opinion

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If I may request…I’d love it if you (or anyone) would post pictures of each stage for the equipment required to get you from Gold 1 to Ruby (as you progress up), after you’ve equipped/crafted all fragments but before you tap the promote button. I will happily post pics as well; problem being that I’ve only gotten like 2 new heroes early on because my luck sucks (all others I have to grind for). A spreadsheet used to be updated with this info, but sadly that was stopped around the time of Jarek. The reason for this is to get a start collecting those often used/often short supply frags like plat swords and start, gold stars, gold fuel cells, pistols, cyber hands, etc. so when I do earn the hero I’ll be able to get them to plat for the bounty.

I think you mean a list of what you need to promote heroes, I can’t do that as I also can’t get the hero after the 2 weeks or something, I would need luck with the crates for that, you could ask a high tier player that gets the new ones straight off

no effort of putting together a list is necessary; just looking at the picture will tell the story of what you need; I made my request because I thought you were one of the lucky ones to be able describe their strengths/weakness as though this was what you found; but that’s why I included “(or anyone)” who is lucky and would be so kind

I would recommend making the key details in bulletin point format, just to make it easier to read and quicker to pick up. Also, perhaps a strengths/weakness or a synergy/counter list would be helpful. Something like this:



  • High overall DPS output
  • Amplifies slowing abilities from other heroes such as Cross, Ifrit, and Surge
  • Fast weapon reload
  • Effective disruption of enemy skill usage


  • Slow skill deployment
  • Shotgun weak in midline role
  • Self-heal heavily conditional on prior charges of Hog Tied
  • No custom voice :cry:
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Alright, I will include that in the next guide, thanks for the tip buddy

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Nice rundown on those new heroes, Robert. I see no need to open up your writing in the interests of discussion like Gale suggests. People know its a forum and know to give their POV without having to be invited. I really like Vintermyst’s bullet points idea. That’s the best sort of summary IMHO.

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I know, but it’d be great if it did

Well, I’ll tell you, Marlowe needs the platinum assault rifle to get to plat 1 bar.