The Top 10 Characters Are

Newish to this game. Seems to be little consensus on this, but any direction would help…

All heroes have uniqueness. But there is a “Meta” folks will follow to the bone. Best advice is to rank up the stars before your work on the bars. Its best to have a variety of heroes upgraded for the missions for the advantages they provide. same thing for PvP. even if you just do it for the points, its beneficial to have variety since some heroes become bonus points to use.

  1. Hideo
    2-100. Everyone else

Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.


If you’re new to the game then the first thing you want to aim for is a 10* hero. Every hero has a star rating that can be increased up to a maximum of 10, this is done by apply her fragments you unlock from hard missions or in the stores such as the PVP and Gauntlet stores. Elemental fragments and Universal fragments can also be won through events such as Bounty or through your patrol crate. These fragments can be applied to whatever hero you want, but the elemental fragments must match the element of the hero respectively.

As a new player I would suggest looking at the Hard missions District 1-5 and doing the missions that have hero fragments on daily. You can do these missions 3 times a day and some heroes such as Nightingale have 3 hard missions meaning 9 fragments a day. Nightingale can have around 60 fragments applied a day which means about 270 a month (30 days). There are a few of these heroes you should be doing daily which will help you get them to 10*, sadly there is no shortcut and it will take a while unless you spend Money.

The heroes I would reccomend doing the hard missions for are:


These can all be found in the first few district and can be run for 10-12 energy.

Now You may be asking why would I need a 10*? And that’s a good question, when you have a hero at 10* and you gain an additional hero fragment it gets converted into Heronium.
1 fragment = 50 heronium.
Heronium is the store on the far right of your stores tab, it has all sorts of goodies but the main one is you can buy elemental fragments in the store. This means if you have a Nightingale at 10* then every day you make 450 heronium from those 9 hard missions. To purchase 10 elemental fragments it will cost 500 heronium meaning every 2 days you can get an addition 10 fragments to reach your next 10* hero. This means you can directly speed up the process of getting your 2nd hard mission hero to 10* which will then speed up your 3rd and so on. Eventually you will break even daily and be able to purchase 60 of each element daily. That’s 9k heronium daily and it will keep speeding up your growth. Good luck!

If you have any questions just ask on the HH community discord and ask for Ghastly, if you don’t know what that is then contact me on Discord @Ghastly#7800



Hey @cmoses!

Muninn is clearly off his rocker, Marlowe is a far more superior mech dps. Do not listen to his propaganda. :shushing_face: :joy:

…But on a serious note, there’s a lot of good heroes. Getting a 10*, as Ghastly said, is a good priority, so these heroes are good for that:


If you need more specifics as to what heroes you should get, look into previous posts about certain roles such as dps, healer, mech, support, tank, etc.

Different heroes also have different strengths depending on different gamemodes such as PvP 2Pv2P, Co-ops, Campaign, and War. Some heroes (like Carabina and Irezumi) do great in co-ops, but struggle more in pvp. Alvarez and Kaishi do well in pvp, but don’t do so hot in other gamemodes. It’s a varied field, so do your research and see what comes up.


Don’t listen to Vinter’s PrOpAgAnDa.
Hideo is cool yeah yeah… but you want a HERO and not a hero.
Choose the right side.

Choose Alcatraz, he’s the good boi of every situation.

He cares about honor, not glory

Join the dark sid… ahem… i mean the good boy side.

P.s: Alcatraz has his own voice

Serious mode on

Other heroes easy to farm are:

Pris (in part)

And others below district 6, 7 is a middle way, from 8 onwards the levels demand too much energy.

Their fragments are easy to find even among the PvP, gold, silver and gorgon crates. (I do not remember exactly who is in)

I don’t know if it will help you, but I made a list with all the heroes available in the hard levels.
Every day I make all the levels that a hero requires, for example Ryker gives me 9 frags +1 per day, every time I count 10 I add a bar next to his name.
This helps me to count how many days/fragments I’m missing to update a star and also to remember who I’m upgrading. Yes, I forget things easily.
I also count the fragments given by stores and other crates.
And every month, at every update, I update the list again.

P.s: I do not advertise Alcatraz, I am defending myself from Vinter.


Do not let Lappo’s mocking words deceive you, Marlowe shall receive her voice during the next update, the developers have said it.

@CptLappo Is Alcatraz actually any good?

The words of @Vintermyst and @CptLappo mean nothing! Sapphyr is clearly the strongest of them all. With her being a Shadow Agent, she can do nearly any given task. She even has the extremely rare, super duper, unique, line of ”yEaH!”.

Like most have already said above, a hero that you can earn consist fragments for daily, is probably your best bet on who to start with.

  • Beck
  • Ryker
  • Nightingale
  • Hardscope

Here are some of your options in terms of Missions to earn Fragments.

Here are some other great options.

  • Mavin
  • Surge
  • Matador
  • Cinder

These 4 are all have fragments available the Daily Rewards, and are easy sources of Heronium once you promote them to 10 Star.


He is not good…he is the best.
The first and only support that actually helps you to do more damage and eliminate anyone quickly.
Heroes like Serial, Kunoichi and anyone with a high fire rate/damage, teamed up with him become BEASTS.
Heroes that cause disorientation or root also help Alcatraz by activating [All Points Bulletin] and doing more and more damage.

Alcatraz is a man of people who helps the people.
Marlowe is selfish, she thinks only of herself.

Do the right thing… choose Alcatraz.

Vinter and I will perhaps stop this war only when the Biochemical Collaborator is chosen.
But until then it is OPEN WAR.

  1. Cinder can take out Marlowe in a couple seconds
  2. Godlante is a the superior tank, much better than Alcatraz
  3. Max level heroes you can easily get frags for for the sake of heronium farming
  4. Ignore 1-3
  5. Why are you still reading this?
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Unlike her police counterpart with a w e a k basic attack (Alcatraz), Marlowe has a unique assault shotgun, with a lightning-fast reload time of only 1.15 seconds. She can absolutely SHRED a frontline defense, and rip through enemies with her hefty Whiplash, one of the highest damaging active skills in the game.

She is a force of nature, and does not burden the others on her team by her presence. She leads the fight.

Marlow gun is a ripoff shotgun version of Savage’s MMG.

And twice as powerful, fatman is nothing more than a punching bag. Let a woman show you how it’s done.

It is canonical that the Rangers have attacked the base of People’s Guard stealing weapons and supplies.

Not cool

Of course, the Rangers improve the diminutive machinery that other factions create, and forge greater things. Unlike the small-minded Magistrates who hide away in their city hall doing squat diddly.

while your leaf-eating friends play with Bambie, MY friends are constantly training and trying to keep order while the world is falling apart.

we completely misrepresented the original post

we follow a higher calling, and don’t get entangled with the short-sighted affairs of small minded people.

lol yeah he’s probably confused as heck

“higher calling”?
Who? Prophet??
that spiritual ignorant? hahahahah…
but then, what is he prophet of?

Everyone is afraid of you, don’t let anyone approach the forest, and those who try are killed on sight.
you are Rangers in name only, but of substance you have nothing.

We are peace corps, we act on behalf of the people, we get killed for them.

We follow the rules and live in peace, you… follow a madman who never talks and live like animals.

We prefer peaceful ways, but if you want to fight, come on in.
or by chance are you afraid to leave your tree houses?