Had the game reach its late/going to die time?

It’s not a secret. After several time on the market, usually videogames have two opposite sides:

-Gamers who have been playing since it was launched global o few time after that point and they need bigger ans better updates everytime.

-Gamers who started playing when the game was in its late proggresive line and they were not able to become competitive or they didn’t find it funny due to all the time they needed to invest in the game.

As I said, it’s not a secret, it happens in all the games (rn I remember Clash of Clans as the biggest and well known example).

After basically a month without updates nor big events and a two years since a big update (extreme mode which was something we already had, just enemies with more health and DPS and yep, 2v2, a gamemode which is still not working after year and a half), what will be the future of the game?

As you may read in the lastest Q&A, there’s basically nothing planned for a near future (PvP, coop, missions, gauntlet nor stores changes). So, will we have a 2022 full of payable heroes?

I really hope the new admins can give us something worth it cause, at least for me, it’ll be sad to leave such a great game after all this time.


if you read the latest general update, they have some roadblocks to get past. once that stuff is done, they can continue with the rest. So no, game is not “dead”. Would be foolish to buy and spend on a game you just purchased to kill it so soon. give them time and be patient. that’s all you can really do. Just keep an eye out for updates either here or on discord.

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i think the dev/publisher need consider more, if they dont have any new update, i think they can expand the old event for everyone can gain and update more (ex: fragment for newest heroes)

I think you misunderstand, the game is not dying or dead and the update is late as a result of things blocking progress. I use the car and mechanic analogy for people to understand.

If you car breaks down and you tell your friend it’s broken. If they say “just fix it” it’s not that simple as you don’t know how to fix it, so they say just fix something small, but again it doesn’t work as you don’t know how to work on any part of a car.

The same applies here, DECA do not know how to work on the game yet as it’s all new for them, we don’t know how broken the coding of the game is but as y’all know well, events never work properly so it’s likely a giant mess.

If the devs don’t know how to use the tools yet then they can’t bring new features, expand features or even bring new stuff yet. It’s like trying to work on a car without the knowledge or tools to do so. Remember that the game was only just handed over to a group who have no prior history with this specific game; every game is different and works in a different way.

New players will come, the game will keep going until it doesn’t, if people can’t simply wait for a bit longer for an update then there are other things to do. You don’t have to religiously log in to the game every day

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It’s been well over a month and it’s constantly tba. That doesn’t help sorry to say it’s almost past February and still no update. Will you still be saying be patient when it’s the end of march and still no update?

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Sorry man but the whole reason you left is you felt HH wasn’t moving in favorable way and felt the game was dying. So what’s the difference now saying it’s not dying when Hh has been dead for awhile now


NO. As long as we are there, its not gonna die.

Yes, because that’s what being patient means.

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So you’re ok with just playing a game with no events, and just running gorgans and playing bots in pvp? You must not be a seasoned player then, more of just casual one who’s ok with the bare minimum

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Has nothing to do with being a “seasoned player” or not. Play a bit and then do something else. An update will happen and they’ll let everyone know. Simple

I’ve been using this time to check out a few other games. Doing just fine until the update

It actually have everything to do with it, if you’re just a casual player you’re ok with doing nothing. But people who actually participate in play in the events it can be frustrating

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100% it does sorry it’s too complicated for you to understand, and it’s not just me who frustrated about it. Plenty of people have left the game because of this delay and many will follow. Anyway back to the real world. Trying to communicate with you is like talking to a wall


They took on something that they were not prepared to do, did not ask many of the appropriate questions of Hothead, and/or apparently didn’t due their due diligence before driving the car off the lot.

Or their test and prod are so disparate that they can only create marginally valid tests.

Either way it inspires as much confidence as a car mechanic who asks you how he should fix the car.


You mistake the people working on the game for the people who purchased it. Management and ground floor developers are 1000 miles apart, one cares about the communities opinions and one sees profit loss.

Update is just a few days away which is announced already so arguments are just free entertainment at this point.
And I think Gale is right, he must has information of people working in deca so he knows everyone’s respective job.

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