This game is dying,

I liked the game very much, but now it’s dying , It needs a major upgrade, we r just tired of doing same things, need something new like some new modes, crates, upgradation of heroes above 100 level,some new brackets of raids,etc but we want really something new specially plz work on any new mode


if i had a penny for every time someone said this game is dying


This game needs a sequel called “hero hunters 2”

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The game is better for old players than new players because they don’t have the chance to get powerful heroes, you should give all new players the chance to get powerful heroes like Serial And Fiber. It should make the hard way easier for new players to continue playing The second discussion: Old players do repetitive tasks, the only challenge they have is upgrading the new hero I hope DECA can make the game more interesting with new and great ideas This text was translated by Google translator, if there is any problem, I apologize


I want to clarify a few things here from my perspective respectfully, partially about comments and regarding the topic.

The game currently is in favor of lower level players. Favor may be an odd word to use, but especially with the new extreme district nerf, the abundance of free stuff etc is in favor of the lower levels.
Top level, however, is a large portion of the playerbase currently. Recently more and more content is being put up, which is nice. But i feel like what the top levels need right now is a new way to extend their heroes. Just to name a quick example.
Higher grade, let us finish and maximize our heroes to the top.
Level cap extension. We have billions of XP waiting to be used. Now, i have another grand idea waiting. I will showcase this in a topic soon. But it will be a hopefully simple and realistic way to create new content for everyone, and make pvp, the major aspect, much more interesting and also instantly solve the issue with old heroes being underwhelming. Will share more about this soon.

Now to cover the last, the game does not seem to be dying. I’m seeing more and more new players, high vips, new events, and especiallly a lot of attention to our needs as players. DECA listens, but their resources are more limited than what HHG had at the time, we can’r expect them to make a huge jump and create a sequel. I think what is realistic is slow but consistent changes. Extreme nerf was one big and good example of what DECA is capable of. That was absolutely amazing and tremendous for this game


the game is not dying. just because you cant handle it doesnt mean the game is dying. There would be other factors at play if it really was.

You’re inadvertently stating that many people feel this way and that this is an actual possible problem.

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Yes there is a growth of new players but many veterans have left the game aka retired. This game minutes appear to be lacking to some who have been here for years. This game is very refreshing when you first start off but after awhile once you’re at a certain level there’s not much to encourage very older and powerful accounts to keep building.

A spin-off or sequel game might be a reach. But there’s nothing wrong with maybe adding a level 95/100 co op game modes or more features that challenge powerful accounts.

I won’t saying the game is dying personally I just think older accounts with veteran players may need things to spark their interest more.

One other thing missing is consistency. At some point you’re going to be bored when you have to spend all your gold and stamina for an entire month to get one level up. We need consistent ways to get XP besides extreme as well
It is sad that vets go. I honestly have been feeling slightly demotivated lately. Real old veterans may just get bored knowing what potential heroes have anyway, and need new stuff to discover. I will discuss this in the topic i promise to soon present

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Part of the problem is there is nothing to challenge the old school players. For the longest time, extreme level such as 2.3, 5.6, 5.8 etc was new and challenging.

There hasnt been a new game mode to really challenge our skills to really test our limit. Heck, extreme was even nerfed because of people whining.

I definitely think things such as infinite danger sim with rewards, or perhaps some survival oriented gamemode would suffice for a long time. People like competing for records, especially when rewards are given for their efforts.
Think of a gamemode that gets you points so that you can buy castellan turrets, troops, mechs, buffs, just as the mode gets progressively harder. I’d like that

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Definitely new players joining the game. But lots of 90 level and above players leaving the game or not that much active because it’s going very boring, it take about 1 year or above to reach 90 level and there is no changes . So need something new, exciting .

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ghost I agree this game needs a new coop horde mode!

new players will lose a lot against meta and therefore quit

With extreme being nerfed i still stand by my point that meta should be nerfed. I’m talking from a neutral perspective and i also take into account the users of meta. I use meta as well, i can speak freely about this.
Problem is, like you said, meta discourages new players to 2 things.

  1. To play. As meta simply is more overloaded with abilities and overwhelms any not well crafted team, and while yes, make a better team, duh. But you can’t expect a lower level player to have their perfect team yet.
  2. It discourages any use besides meta. Meta is the way to go with extreme, raids, and nowadays pvp as well. There is just no need to experiment as that is all you need. So, if these are not adjusted accordingly (where they are still worth the resources) then i don’t see reason for old heroes to even be buffed at all.
    Also, yes, some feelings will get hurt in a process like that. Some people just have to learn to deal with such things. A game needs balance to be fun for others and crying because your character needed to be adjusted is simply egotistical as they would never nerf a hero that doesn’t fit it

you keep using the word “meta” as a definitive thing.

What else do you want me to say when i target those specific heroes then? Should i name each individual every time i mention them? It IS what we use as a gathered wording for those heroes. It is commonly known. please don’t be a wisenose and take this off-topic

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you’re the one taking it off topic and taking things personal.

Mellow wasn’t taking it off topic though? He was responding to someone and leaving his opinion while being on topic in the sense of what he was replying too, but than you randomly say he doesn’t know what meta meant, which kinda felt like that was off topic instead.
Not to mention most people use the term meta the same way mellow was, by calling a specific group of overused and reliable heros that almost everyone uses at some point. Mainly the heros that seem extremely overpowered compared to outdated lower level heros and are hard to defeat.

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For once, I’m in aggreance with @Robert_Pronk. Its also why i suggested pvp be revamped to reward people for being unique and using the featured factions more versus the current system.

PvP is repetitive when you’re seeing the same tired lineup week after week.

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