Halloween Hunt

Looks like HH not going to have to pay out the final rewards for Halloween Hunt 2020. Seems nobody has found pumpkin 85 and 100. Everybody has 98 total.

You should check out other topics on this forum. You might be surprised.


Make sure to check out the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Google Doc 2020! :wink: Those pumpkins were found earlier today.


HH always help when we were in trouble at the end of a hunt :wink::wink::wink:

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Its a joking, but this post remember…


I like this post, appreciate

Actually, I asked the team to not give out any hints this year. I’m totally fine with the exclusive Skin remaining unclaimed, and eventually coming to the Vault much, much, much later. Whenever we mention hints or the possibility, people tell us they’re going to quit looking. I don’t like it when people quit or expect to be bailed out, personally. Fight until the end!

I only gave out hints because of the amazing effort everyone has put into our Extra Life campaign. You should hunker down if we do another one of these around Christmas, again! There might not be any hints at all.


Go go go go power rangers!!!

I didn’t say anything though

U gotta learn how to troll lol

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