Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!

Hey guys, I wanted to organize something that we can all benefit from. We will go in a organized system, each person taking certain districts to look for the pumpkins. This is so you know exactly where pumpkins are and don’t have to spend extra stamina on the same level for pumpkins.

This is for the community benefit, you do not have to sign up to look to use this, it is completely optional. Please do not take other people’s spots away, just take one that is unclaimed. When you look, either put in screenshots of where you found the pumpkins or a small description. Please do not grief the document, you’re only taking away from yourself and others by doing this.

Happy Hunting!


Thanks i love it! Its nice to see a person who’s as passionate as I am
Send your Gamertag

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definitely love this idea, looking forward to the pumpkin hunt, and I’ll help this effort out as much as I can :slight_smile:

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Great initiative ! I’d be happy to help

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Just keeping the thread alive so we don’t get a “don’t nerco the thread” warning when it becomes relevant in few days.

I’m that type of person who doesnt want to spoil it at all and search for myself

It’s definitely a choice to make. I like this idea but TBH we still don’t know if we’re getting the same pumpkins on the same missions. Maybe they’re totally at random.

Devs made a message about it,as I remember, they said it’s same places for everyone

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Lovely! I wanna shoot the pumpkers now.

Soon… we’ll get to murder plenty of Halloween Fruit very soon :slight_smile:

Fruit? :mandrakethink:

Are pumpkins fruit? I always saw them as mammal albeit passive and lazy mammals.

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yes they’re fruit :stuck_out_tongue:

Fabulous idea, thanks for putting this together!

Found Pumpkin #1 !!! District 1 Mission 3!!!


hard 1~1 number 26

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We’ve seen a few questions about this so far so I figured its best to let you guys know: Pumpkins are local to you so if you find and shoot one in a multiplayer mode :wink: then the other player’s Pumpkin will not change states. Enjoy the event!

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awesome, thanks Rook :slight_smile: I was wondering about that

gauntlet / sector 3/1

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There’s are 3 on dojo, 3 on GW sorry don’t have screenshots :frowning: