Happy birthday to me and a new hero for you: Avalon - The Magician

Energetic Hero
Faction: The Watch

What do I have in the top hat?

Hp 3/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 5/5

Bronze: A rabbit in the top hat - he pulls out from his hat a bomb (rabbit-shaped), throwing it and exploding on contact causing damage in a small area

Silver: Card Game - he pulls a deck of cards out of his sleeve, takes 3 and throws them at the 3 closest enemies

Gold: Tricks of the Trade - adds random effects to “a rabbit in the top hat” and “card game”

Platinum: Silence Please - if Avalon is interrupted while using a skill, the attacker will suffer a violent attack and nearby enemies will be silenced

Appearance: Avalon is a skilled magician, he is dressed in a black tailcoat lined with red, white shirt, black papiyon, black top hat with a white stripe, black trousers and elegant black shoes, his face is hidden by a theatrical mask (the smiling one).

(something similar but with eyes and mouth colored with black and less disturbing)

His weapon is a small revolver with a white handle; damage, rate of fire and moderate charging speed.

When he dies, he disappears into a cloud of smoke, leaving only the mask to fall, giving the illusion that himself is not real.

A bit of backstory:
Avalon keeps his past very secret, as if nobody should know, the only thing everyone knows is that he started his career in Las Vegas as a stand-up comedian.
Immediately attracted the attention of the general public, he also appeared on TV many times, was invited to private parties of the great leaders of the world, Kurts even wanted him as a personal magician.
Many of his colleagues left the country after the start of the war, but he wanted to stay and continued with the shows, but did not have the same success as in the past.
It was a horrible time for him, without money and without a house he was forced to settle for cheap money for a living, with the little money he had bought a revolver in case of danger he would use it.
One day he was found by Matador as he returned from a mission.
Recognizing him, Matador proposed to join him; Avalon instantly accepted and joined The Watch.
So far, Avalon has remained in The Watch’s QG, raising the morale of the members and occasionally helping on the mission.

I thank Albertolm33, HH and the Community