New 5* Hero Concept: Germain the Magician

Backstory: Germain is a traveling magician, astounding the eyes of onlookers with the slight of hand and illusion. This was his life, traveling from town to town performing to eat and get by. But his way of survival has taken a turn with Z day. Now its not about performance to survive. He now resides on his illusion and crime to strive.

Weapon: Tommy Gun

Faction: Rangers

Elemental: Energy


  • Bronze: shock orbs (shoots shock orbs at a single enemy that does damage over time. If another enemy is in close proximity, they will get a small zap.)
  • Silver: 52 Pick-Up (throws 52 explosive cards that land at random locations, similar to Oracles move, but not one by one)
  • Gold: Now You See Me (When Germain drops below 50% health, he brings up an illusion replica of himself. Can attack normal, but can only use the Bronze skill)
  • Platinum: Now You Don’t (while the gold skill is active, the damage the illusion takes is converted to health returning to the original Germain.
  • Ruby: Tanked Up

Design: Using Paint3D, i got most of the basic stuff i had in mind. I had to edit the head, so the mustache looks odd, but it got best i could do. He appears like an old school magician, a man of mystery and illusion. Top hat, a small mask and a wand. He appears as a young male late 20s, early 30s. The tuxedo look follows the classic style, including the tail. Aside from this, he does carry a deck of cards.