Hard 10-10 Bug?

Tried this mission twice now, and each time on the third wave, after Prophet disappears around 30% health, it seems to bug out and he doesn’t re-appear anywhere. Is anyone else experience this issue?

I played this mission before and it was fine a few days ago, but I switched my heroes and using Panzer/Dogface/Mandrake/Heimlock/Fortress now and it has bugged both times.

Literally just did this mission today and I completed it 3-Stars first try without any issues.

What heroes did you use? A fellow Alliance member said he had the same issue with it bugging out. Thinking it may be a bug with only certain heroes, since I didn’t have any issue the first time either.

I had this happen on the normal 10-10 mission the first time I played it. Prophet showed up a couple times and then by the time I had almost killed him, he disappeared for the rest of the match, which was around 1:30 time left. So I was forced to just sit and wait while the timer ran down with nothing happening.

I’ve experienced this bug before. Contacted support. Tried a week later, and had no problems anymore.

I thought they had fixed it globally, but maybe they just fixed it for my account, somehow. Try contacting ingame support.

When it happened to me, I tried again later and it worked fine with no issues. But tbf, I did make sure I had lots of firepower to focus on him as soon as he appeared.

Same here, 2x in a row, 3th one he didn’t disappear on normal mode

Tried 4 times now and same thing has happened the last 3 times. He disappears around 30% and never comes back. Here’s a few screenshots I captured where he was at ~30% at 1:24 and then same ~30% at 0:20 seconds and never came back. This has made me waste 48 energy now and not gotten anything out of it

I experienced this bug too. Next time it worked well. Since I only played this mission three times I cant tell how often it happens to me.

It didn’t happen to me. I had to try about 10 times for 3 stars. It was the mission I had to pay full attention to Prophet. It would be hard for me to miss him. It seems it didn’t happen to everyone. I only played that mission in July.

Tried 10-10 hard again, first attempt it worked fine, seems like a random bug on this map