2-10 glitched or working as intended?

Not a big issue, more like I’m curious!
As you can see in the second part of the mission a wild Dogface appears. He can’t be killed (but the mission is to eliminate all hostiles). Instead of dying he runs into the third part of the mission with only 1 health left. It looks odd! Maybe it makes more sense if I’m using a weaker team.


Yeah I saw that one a long time ago, he isn’t supposed to die in wave 2, so he gains unlimited 1hp till wave 3, and then he drops when you enter.

Running that mission with platinum 7*+ is kinda over powered :joy:


A man gotta do what a man gotta do!
Those canisters don’t appear out of nowhere and I already used my quick win tickets.

Take hivemind with you, he’ll burn through the campaign at your power, makes it even quicker

Probably halo to, you don’t need healers at your power :joy:

I just started with whatever team I had pre-set. I’m done collecting canisters now and I present my new Platinum hero:

Next project is Panzer.

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Nice one, should be fun with Oracle

Mauler + Oracle + Ifrit = Ding-ding-ding!

In all honesty the DPS from Maulers Platinum skill is kinda low, it’s more of a tickle. Those 10 seconds all-team-disorientations makes it cool though.