The Prophet hath cometh

Hey up - I am lucky enough to have swiped Prophet in a 10xHero Crate bundle - he eats mandrake for breakfast and all that.

But can someone help me understand his gold skill? I really don’t get it…Have not seen it doing anything??


when you’re standing up and aiming at/near an enemy, they will get a red flash thing… and whenever one of your OTHER hearoes shoot this enemy… that damage is increased by 10% (this also works when Prophet is controlled by AI)

and the second part of his Gold is that whenever Prophet himself gets a critical hit on a basic attack… the damage is further increased by the number shown in your ability.

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Thanks @Rygel - will have a play with this

May I?

How do you like his Gold skill after this time? I am working on getting him to Gold (Silver II and a half now). Basically I just want him as strong as possible but the more I think about the Gold skill itself it sounds more and more meh;y.

The gold skill was okay before the most recent update, but now that marking an enemy removes invisiblity, Prophet has now become the best counter to mandrakes healing and cloak skills. I have yet to try it out in PvP though

Right. Cool. I’ll have his gold skill unlocked within an hour.

I’ve faced prophet gold many times. He takes out drake in what seems 3/4 shots. So getting him to gold seems worth it.

I’ve gotten him to gold now and maxed out the skill (level 55). While not bad I certainly expected more. But I’ll let it grow on me. :slight_smile: