Hard mode farming issue

Is anyone else getting this error when going to watch ads to farm for fragments? I’m pretty certain stamina isn’t needed if you choose to watch the ads

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And every time I tap on the video icon this error pops up again

Hi bro I think sometimes ads not available for specific regions…

Weird I’ve been doing the same regions for a while and it’s only recently stopped working

I had the same problem yesterday. Haven’t tried today. I sent a ticket to in-game support. You should do the same. The more tickets they get, the faster they may pinpoint the problem

Are you switching between cellular (phone) and wifi networks without restarting the game?

I found this occurs when I open the app/game on a wifi network in the office then go for a walk, there for transitioning between networks.

Restarting the application after the network change corrects this issue for me.


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I’ll pay attention to this today, didn’t notice any trouble.

Not sure if you also mean this but I’ll give the info to be sure; once you have no energy you can watch 9 videos each day to collect the rewards for freeish

I am also having this issue. It started to happen today for me. I could watch the ads with no limit but no rewards. I restarted my tablet, switched between cellular and WiFi, and I even tried in my phone with same Game Center account. It is of no avail.

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I have the same issue since yesterday.
After i watched a video, it gets stuck and this keeps popping up, it’s not counting to any of the videos i watched, but i’m also always stuck with this.

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The first 5 videos worked for me and I got my mission rewards however now I got the “new” one-time offer thing you’re all getting as well and watching adds now doesn’t give any rewards.

No ad rewards even in normal modes.

It feels unfair getting nothing when I watch ads for the hothead games.

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I’m having this same issue. Always used to work then randomly stopped recently and hasn’t worked since. Posted about it in another thread too; hopefully devs will address it soon as those affected are missing out on valuable resources & frags every day.


Update: sent a message to support but they still havent gotten back to me. I tried the ads today and it ended up working so hopefully this error doesn’t come up again

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