Ads no reward

Hey developers,

For three days, I found the function is not available for vip users that watching ads for quick win.

The ads could be watched but the reward becomes unavailable.




Hi bro… You switch your network wifi to cell or vice versa? I think problem occurs by network or server… Or may be ads not available for your time zone for some time.

Had this happening to a friend of mine too, who’s not a VIP, so it can probably happen to anyone. The issue doesn’t seem to be network related, since we’re on the same network. As the OP stated, the whole ad plays just fine, but after closing it you get to a screen saying “Not enough stamina,” where you can again choose to watch a video for a free qw. Only problem is, nothing gets registered.

What’s also remarkable is that he usually gets 20 free quickwins per day, while I’m only getting 15, and I’m VIP level 2.

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This is also happening to me right now. I try and do the “free quick win if you watch a video” and the ad will play but there’s no reward given afterward; it just brings me back to the “not enough stamina, want to watch a video?” page.

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The reward becomes available now, how about you there?

Thanks for that! Just checked and yes, it worked for me too.

Ya their watch video for rewards code is super buggy. The video quest frequently dont offer the 2nd reward, and the other offer then disappears only to come back at a random time. It seems the game is heavy handed on blocking rewards if the video isn’t watched and the ad service is terrible at giving a consistent replays to the game that it has been watched, but that doesn’t explain the other quests disappearing unless that is an anti cheat implementation bug that blocks you from watching more videos until it verifies the last one you watched.

All in all video ads rewards is a mess. It looks poor on the game if bugs happen so blatantly all the time in a specific place over several major updates. If I was them I would just give 5 gold and 30 energy for one video until the second video was working smoothly, but revenue probably stops that.

Agreed it is buggy sometimes it works other times it doesn’t been like that several days WiFi or no WiFi. No change because it hangs my app and I close and cycle thru it 3 more times opening locking shutting off then re-opening the app, start HH, it locks up on ad, and I shut it off again before I Just stop and move on in the game and try hours later. Then it works twice before it locks up on ads, buttons freeze, shut it down clear cache and just restart device

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