Have you seen these heroes? Looking for 6 bars of astrals and voids!

Hellow Hunters!

I’m hoping some of y’all can help me. I’m looking to learn if some of these heros have been “maxed” as in given a 6th ruby bar. If you do know please comment below! Thanks!

Please note; I’m not fully interested in stars as much as bars

Known 6 bars:


No known 6 bars of these heroes in game:

If you know of a 6 bar of these heros please comment & answer the poll!

Have you seen a 6 bar of Barrel, Hikari, Eruin, & Everest?
(If you have seen but don’t know the account that’s fine if you answer yes :+1: )

  • I have seen one it the mentioned hero’s at 6 bar
  • I have see 2 or more of said heroes at 6 bar
  • Nope, haven’t seen any of the heroes your looking for at 6 bar

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(Mind the misspelled “you’re)

you should be interested. stars before bars has been a key since the beginning.

maybe look into the whales for the higher bars.

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Stars can easily be obtained when you spend enough on the crates. The bars however take time, resources, and dedication…
(Also I did look into multiple whales but I might have missed one maybe, I also looked through the pvp logs for the top people in the previous pvp events)
Edit; the real interesting thing is I haven’t seen a single barrel at 5 bars or more… very interesting…

A 6 bar hikari sighting has been reported by a credible source, user unknown

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