HH. Where’s your Valentine’s Day spirit?

I have a couple bars o gold and would love to spend some of them but I need a good crate to spend it on (I.e., better than hero). It’s Valentine’s Day; how bouts showing your sweethearts some love with a super hero crate, or equivalent?

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I really wish they would but I highly doubt it, just get yourself a single dinner and enjoy a movie

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:genie: You’re wish is my command…


I promised not to play to much, already broken the promise

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First and foremost, thank you for the responsiveness. I feel obligated to make at least 1 purchase, but I look for a low gold cost/hero and this doesn’t top the hero crate so I won’t spend as much as I would have liked. The peripherals (i.e., skill points, gems) aren’t as much of a concern when spending gold.

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I spent 2400 gold on the Valentine’s Day crate. Got great stuff. 2 5stars, some heroes I wanted frags for like flatline and kobold and plenty of gems for stores. All together a satisfying purchase.

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im only missing one hero, so im afraid to spend gold on a low percentage for the time being.

I would guess it’s Brogan you are missing?

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