Having an awful time in PvP Help!

So I’ve been playing for a few months now, and got some of the Brogan crates which provided me with a larger pool of heroes. At this point I actually for the first time find myself with the ability to do some different team comps rather than just having to use my 5 strongest. But I’m having a hard time in PvP right now, I would love some help just trying to figure what might be ideal for both PvP and Farm considering what I have. Also who might be most worth pumping mats into. Thanks in advance!

Gold Heroes (Star): Odachi (7), Oracle (7), Phalanx (7), Razorback (6), Scum (5), Butter (5), Phoenix (7), Halo (5), Panzer (5), Moss (5), Caine (4), Nightingale (4), Maven (5)

Silver Heroes (Star): Matador (4), Surge (5), Chesterfield (5)

Others that I could potentially upgrade: Francoise, Salvatore, Bolt, Baron, Clyde, Hivemind, Hardscope, Mandrake, Callidus, Yanlong, Mauler, Pris, Min, Ryker, Sentry, Cross, Sapphyr, Cinder, Ronin, Fischer, Kunoichi

Also second question, is Phoenix just garbage? Despite being 7 star and gold she seems to have very minimal effect in any game mode.

PVP is a fickle beast. As soon as you upgrade heroes or change team make up your match ups will change a bunch so its hard to pinpoint the best ideas. You do have some stand outs. Mainly Panzer and Gale as they are the focus of the meta right now. If you have Gale’s skin, shes arguably the best in game right now. Panzer is just a beast and a great counter to Gale since most run them together. Gale is also a decent farmer since she has low hard missions and is in silver crate.

Aside from that, I’ve heard great things about Mauler in that mix up. Namely with Ifrit to just let the disorient/stun madness happen. Plus mauler is counter to the meta dps right now so hes a great one to raise.

You also have some potential for halo teams with hivemind and maven. Savage and Surge are also decent in that mix up.

So if I were you, I would focus on these for the mix of both useful in pvp and farming: Panzer, Gale, Maven, Dogface, Mandrake. If you lean more towards farming, Ryker and Sentry are decent to add in. If more towards PVP Ifrit and Mauler (if you have both).

And for Phalanx - shes not garbage, but shes specialized. Shes mainly there as team support for the early game. Phalanx and Heimlock are great counters to a panzer for the early game rush she has. The boosted heath and shield really limit Panzers initial attack options. However, Phalanx is not great at much else. No taunt, weak basic, really slow alpha strike.

I’ve rated the heroes based on their skills for PvP. The list is more for plat but will work for gold. Some will have different thoughts on the ratings for each. IMO pairing heroes is also an important variable. With your line up I’d focused on Night to add stars if you can


Really appreciate the input a lot a great points that I’ll definitely try out. I was wondering about phoenix though not phalanx. But that’s also good to know cause I was planning on upgrading him

I started running Ryker, Panzer, Caine, Gale, and Oracle and am starting to do significantly better

Oops! yea my bad. I just mis-read that one. Phoenix is generally considered pretty poor. All her abilities are sub par, her damage is low, and she doesn’t do anything special or cover a key role. The only thing I do like about her bronze is the ability to stay on targets when they are low on health and drain them fast. They cant hide or run from it so its a reliable way to kill someone. Thats about it though and its a fringe use. Shes one that could really use a buff.

nice list. its great to see them split into their factions like that.

Is Brogan really that poor though? And after seeing more Callidus in the recent update and role of warfare changes, she might be slightly better that 2 stars. Though not sure if shes quite 3 stars either…

Mauler is definitely more than 2 stars imo. With the right team he is a stun machine.

Yeah sucks to have her as one of my only 7s hopefully she sees a buff sometime. You’re right her kit is interesting but she seems to lack damage in every aspect

Yea she was one of my first 5 stars that i pulled. It was lower level so she seemed impressive at first when everything else was 3 stars, but she quickly became terrible. I think the problem is shes often percieved as a dps characters when shes actually more of a tanky mid liners like Salvator. However neither is one I’d consider too reliable and Salvator only becomes ‘useful’ at plat with a bio based team. Phoenix’s only help is her bronze, but its not enough to justify her being a 5 star imo.


I don’t have Brogan but I took some feedback from ones who do have him and when I faced ones that do as well.

I agree for Cali, she’s much better than before. I’d have put her 1 star before and now 2. Her plat skill is good but she’s not recovering enough health to make it worth.

I added another star to Mauler. You’re right, 2 stars were too harsh.

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