New Player Need help

Hello to all i started like two weeks ago now i am level 43 with g0 dogface(3*) g0 sapphyr(5*) g0 matador(5*) and tutorial heroes nothing of importance.I was wondering what heroes should i focus from shops.What heroes to promote and so on thanks for help in advance

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Get as far as you can in Gauntlet every day and focus all of your gauntlet gems into Dogface frags, he’s a top 2 dps hero (second only to Panzer) and he’s great early on and late-game. From the PvP store, your number one priority is Mandrake (his Gold skill specifically), he’s incredible for both PvP and PvE. These two should be your main focus.

From hard mode, you can get Nightingale frags, she’s very strong throughout early to late game. Panzer is great as mentioned above. Ifrit, Keel, and Flatline are also solid role-specific heroes.

Other really great heroes that are harder to acquire (5* base and mostly available only from crates) but very strong include Caine (fantastic support and all-around strong), Razorback (best tank), Odachi (great bio DPS), and Heimlock (best group-healer).


Thank you for your help

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No problem, good luck!